Former Future Shock partners, Kyle O'Reilly and Adam Cole will face each other in a battle for respect on the second night of ROH's Showdown in the Sun event. As O'Reilly's bond with ROH World Champion Davey Richards seemed to get tighter, problems began to emerge within the young team. Eventually the two men would find themselves on opposite sides in the tag team main event of the 10th Anniversary Show, which saw Cole team with Eddie Edwards and O'Reilly team with Richards. Cole pinned Richards to garner the victory for his team, but still did not earn the respect of his former teammate. O'Reilly refused to shake the hand of his former partner that night and claims that he doesn't respect him.

On March 31st Cole will attempt to earn respect from O'Reilly the only way he can, by beating him in a match.

"I'm tired of Kyle's whiny attitude to be honest," Cole told "Something changed with him over the last few months and I'm honestly not liking what I'm seeing. If this is the influence Team Richards has on you, then I am glad to have no part of it. It was one thing to not shake my hand in New York Kyle, I can understand being a bit frustrated after a loss, but to tell me you don't respect me after everything we've been through, after the fights we've had together, that's a whole new side of you, an ugly side at that. In Ft. Lauderdale, I'll be glad to beat some respect into you if that's what it takes to wake you up, to snap you out of whatever this is you're going through."

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