WWE RAW Results - Undertaker, HBK & Triple H Face Off, Sound Off With Your Thoughts

Winner by pin: David Otunga (1:00)

Laurinaitis mocks Santino in the ring and gets in Long's face. Long slaps him in the face. Laurinaitis tries to grab him but Long escapes. Laurinaitis is beside himself as Otunga holds him back. The crowd chants, 'Teddy,' as Long dances on the stage; Santino joins him.

The Rock is standing in front of the "Rocky" statue in Philadelphia. He says a couple of famous Philadelphia related sayings. He says that ultimately, Philadelphia is the city of 'a** kickers.' He says the statue behind him is representative of the fighting spirit of Philadelphia.

They cut to a picture of the Rock from when he was 12 years old, standing in front of the statue with his arms raised. Rocky makes fun of the way he looked at 12. The Rock takes us down WrestleMania lane, explaining how he has always wanted to be the best. They show Hogan; they show the Warrior. Rocky says that soon he was headlining his own WrestleMania, here in Philly. After losing that night, Rocky says he vowed to realize his dream of being the greatest. Rocky says there is only one guy left to beat: John Cena.

Rocky says he is on his way to the arena. He says he is going to get a Philly cheese steak and stick it straight up Cena's candy***. Rocky references Foley, Flair, and Savage. Rock says it's just the beginning. He says when he beats Cena his dream of being the best will come true. Daniel Bryan vs. Zack Ryder is next.

Zack Ryder vs. Daniel Bryan

They show Ryder from earlier in the day, lobbying to fans outside with a megaphone, to get on WrestleMania; Long's team to be exact. Bryan kisses AJ before the bell rings. Ryder hits a shoulder-block. Bryan knees him in the kidney. Bryan slingshots Ryder's neck on the bottom rope. Ryder gets the advantage and kicks Bryan in the head in the corner. Bryan catches Ryder in mid-air with the Labelle Lock; Ryder taps immediately.

Winner by submission: Daniel Bryan (1:00)

They show an article from TMZ stating that Cena was in a car wreck earlier in the day. Cena vs. Henry is next.

Cena vs. Mark Henry

They lock-up; Henry powers Cena to the mat. They lock-up again; Henry throws him to the outside. Henry is physically dominating Cena. They go to the outside. Cena goes to break the count; Henry pulls him back out.


Henry hits a splash for a near fall. Cole wonders if the car wreck has affected Cena's performance. Henry charges Cena in the corner but Cena moves and hits a side suplex. He does the Five-Knuckle Shuffle. Cena tries his finisher but Henry counters. Cena counters Henry's finisher. Cena finally execute the Attitude Adjustment for the pin.

Winner by pin: John Cena (5:00)

Rocky's music hits...

Rocky Rock Bottoms Henry, stares at Cena, and leaves. Cena points at the Mania sign and mouths "two weeks."

They show what's been going on in the Taker/HHH/Michaels saga.


They show a clip from Extra when Beth Phoenix and Eve crashed Kelly Kelly's interview with Maria Menounos. They make a match at Mania. It will be Beth and Eve vs. Kelly and Maria.
Miz is in the ring. He says King Kong Bundy went from being in the main event of WrestleMania 2 to wrestling little people in Mania 3. He says that until now that was the biggest drop-off in history. He has issued an open challenge to prove he deserves to be on Laurinaitis' team. Sheamus' music hits.

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