Chris Masters Talks His WWE Run, Talent Brought Up Too Early, HHH, HBK & His Wellness Violation And you were a big wrestling fan growing up, right?

Masters: Oh yeah. I loved it my whole life and it just came to the point when I was 15 years old. One day it just dawned on me. I don't know, I just had that conversation that people have with themselves, "what am I going to do with my life?" I don't know what sparked it, but I loved wrestling, and like most people who love it, there were a couple of years where I fell out of it for whatever reason and then I got hooked back into it and then there was no looking back. And then 15 rolls around and I'm like, "what do I love? What's my passion?" Everything just pointed to wrestling since I was so obsessed with it and I figured I might have a shot... I have some height, I was a real skinny guy but I just figured what else do I really love? And it was wrestling. Who are some of the guys you looked up to growing up?

Masters: The Ultimate Warrior initially attracted me to wrestling. I saw him, and you know as a kid the characters are so crazy and things like that, so he really kind of brought me into the business. There are still a lot of things I can appreciate about him. As he was in and out, I kind of lost investment in him since he was coming in and out.

I kind of started watching The Rockers, and when Shawn turned heel and did his own thing, it was the first time I ever like a bad guy and I thought his whole thing was kind of cool. And then as I got older I started to just kind of recognize the work ethic of some of the guys. I liked my Ultimate Warriors' and Hulk Hogans' but you get to a point to where you can see the guys that stand out and can really make a comeback and bounce around and put on an awesome performance. So I really started taking a liking to Shawn that's kind of carried out through all of my adulthood. It even got me back into watching wrestling because I fell for the whole concussion angle when he did the whole Syracuse thing. I was just flipping through TV and I saw that and I was like, "I liked this guy back in the day, what's up?" Then I was hooked again from that point on and there was no turning back. It seems like a lot of people lost interest during the period you are talking about, when you had Doink the Clown and a lot of those cartoony gimmick wrestlers. So basically right at the start of the Monday night wars you started watching again?

Masters: I think it was... was it competitive at that point? I think it was starting to get competitive because I know they brought Hogan in before that, and then the Luger thing happened and he went over there. I really didn't know. I knew WCW was around, but I was always a WWF guy. I guess the first point where I really saw the Monday night war thing kind of take shape, not even when Madusa did her thing, but more when Diesel and Razor [Ramon came in]. They were such a big part of the WWF show at the time that it gave me incentive to actually want to watch WCW. It then became a thing for me where I was still a WWF guy, but I would flip back and forth just because it was captivating television. You see these two products battling for ratings and they were really pushing the envelope. That was just the time of the business. I think anybody that was watching or is a life long fan would attest to that. So you started with OVW in 2003 and you actually weren't there that long. What was your time like in OVW?

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