Chris Masters Talks His WWE Run, Talent Brought Up Too Early, HHH, HBK & His Wellness Violation When you had come back from that first stint and Triple H made a dig at you about coming back slimmer, was that something you knew ahead of time that he was going to say? Was that scripted, or was that an off-the-cuff remark?

Masters: No, that was a scripted interview. People always ask me about that and some people think it was a cheap shot. I am more under of the impression... first of all, I remember the way Hunter looked at the time... I don't know. I didn't really treat it much as an insult as a lot of people jumped on it like it was that big of a deal, but I was still thinking to myself, you know, you [Triple H] take off your shirt and stand next to me and we'll see who looks better? I mean, you know, he wasn't exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer either, he is a little pudgy. So, in his defense, Hunter is a ball buster and is an equal opportunity ball buster, so you know, it might have been a cheap shot. I mean, you seen the way him and Shawn are, that's just the way he is, he's a ball buster. So it was probably like not the most appropriate thing to do, especially where the business is and the message they were trying to convey. But you know, it was said and I'm sure if they could take it back - considering the controversy it raised - I am sure they would. But they don't live in the past, so they don't even think about it. I think what upset a lot of people is that he is taking over the company at some point and to be mocking someone's physique, especially during that time when you had the death of Eddie Guerrero and everything... I think it was just kind of tone deaf.

Masters: The surprising thing to me, everybody thought that my whole suspension and everything was over steroids and they equated that to me losing weight when I came back. That wasn't the truth. The truth was my issue was prescription pain killers and the only reason I lost the amount of weight I did was because I would - basically every morning - I woke up and ran two miles as part of my own personal therapy. I wasn't doing as much weight training so, I mean, going for that morning jog five days a week, every week, made me slim down a lot more than I even realized. Because you know, I was off in seclusion, off in the middle of bum f--king Tennessee! I hadn't seen anybody in forever, so I came out of there and people were like, "Oh my god, you lost a lot of weight!" If I would have known it would've created such a stir, I would have probably put on maybe 10 lbs. back on before I came back. Do you think painkillers are... because with the wellness policy painkillers are allowed with a prescription, but you know, a lot of say that prescription painkillers are way more dangerous than the banned drugs that are on that list. Do you agree with that?

Masters: Oh yeah, prescription pills are the worst. I mean Whitney Houston is, and all these celebrities are the proof. I mean it's a huge issue in the whole country. I mean WWE does have the thing where they are constantly monitoring a prescription and making sure it is up to date and check with the doctor, so it's like you don't just get a free pass. I mean, these things only stay in your system so long, if you don't take it for a day or whatever you can get by, but I would honestly say through being with the company that the pill problem has been cleaned up quite immensely.

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