Source: PWInsider

PWInsider reports that there had been recent discussions about moving the FCW TV show to another market, somewhere in the Orlando area, so that could explain why the Brighthouse Network show is ending.

They add that some WWE sources have scoffed at the idea of WWE actually shutting down FCW. FCW's daily operations began and ended yesterday with no notice to talents or staff and operations kicked off today with no announcement.

As of now, nothing has been said to talents or staff but that does not mean the reports of FCW shutting down are false. The news was originally broke by on Monday night.

PWInsider hasn't confirmed the reports, but say that doesn't mean there isn't fire where there's smoke. WWE sources indicate that Vince McMahon has been upset recently over the WWE talent pool not being over and not being ready. Shortly after that, Ty Bailey was released, who had been heading up developmental.

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