Chris Masters Talks His WWE Releases, If He Would Go To TNA, Jeff Jarrett, Abyss, Ring Ka King When you came back it was kind of like you had a reduced role right off the bat then you had before. Were you surprised about that? Or were you happier about that?

Masters: I didn't know what to expect with coming back. I mean, I obviously wasn't happy about it but... I didn't really know what to do 'cause I was so happy to get the second shot that I didn't really want to neglect that and automatically just get jaded. But it was always in the back of my mind too, that I still had the two strikes that carried with me and it's like I never knew if I could break out of the "is he a solid investment? Can we trust him that he won't mess up?"

You know, get them to the point where they would put the machine behind me like they did when I initially came in. I don't know if the wellness policy, or faith in me as a performer, or what it was essentially that led to the second release. My understanding, I had several times been pulled aside by Hunter himself, relaying messages from Vince and him telling me how I'd just come leaps and bounds as far as my ring work and they wanted to do something with me. And it was from numerous people, they would tell me "Oh Vince was going crazy and was like, 'we gotta do something with this'." So I kind of a felt like it was gonna be my year. I really felt like I'm gonna turn s--t around and this is going to be great and finally I can bounce back from all the mess ups that I've made. And uh, that's why when you asked me about the first release, that one not as surprising; the second one, very much blindsided... it was very much blindsiding and disheartening. Yeah, it definitely seemed odd especially because you had improved so greatly in the ring.

Masters: You know, I know a lot of people wouldn't be surprised 'cause they were like, "he wasn't in any storylines and major angle in forever." And like what I said, from what I was being told, and the work, and the performance that I was starting to put on on a nightly basis, I just kind of figured that everything is going great, I'm really starting to get this and I am enjoying it because I'm getting it. When you first get in, you're just like nervous, but I was starting to strive and my excitement matched my nerves and it was just such a blast to go out there. But again, it just came down to I was on Superstars and never kind of got a chance to have an angle or try something different. You know what I mean? When you were drafted to RAW last year did you think that they were finally going to do something with you?

Masters: Well, again, I didn't know what to expect. I was optimistic; they had talked to me about taking me off TV for 3 months, 'cause the thing is after they kind of bury you for so long... I mean in 2009, I pretty much lost for a year straight and through those losses is when I started to kind of getting real good. And then they started taking notice and then they started flippin' the script and then they had me start winning basically all my matches... again, on Superstars though. So I was thinking "I'm picking up, you know this is obviously a good thing." What was your question? To go back to it, I'm sorry… Just that when you were drafted to RAW, if you thought they were going to do something with you?

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