Chris Masters Talks His WWE Releases, If He Would Go To TNA, Jeff Jarrett, Abyss, Ring Ka King What were your feelings when you did get released? Because it seemed like it wasn't necessarily fair because you did improve, you got a lot better, you were better than when you first started and it didn't seem like you did anything wrong.

Masters: I felt a lot of things; I was surprised, shocked. I felt kind of betrayed because I felt like I had worked so hard over the last year and not to have a conversation of really why. After having some of the talks I had with Hunter and hearing about how high I was on everybody's list, it would have been nice to know a little more specifically like, "well hey, this is the deal, we really just don't know what to do with you right now." You know what I mean? "It's best if you go off and do your own thing" rather than just tell me the company was restructuring. I mean it was a combination of things; it was shock, betrayal, a lot of things. Looking back now, if they weren't going to use me at that point rather than continue to be buried or just on Superstars, it would probably have been better to do my own thing and stay low on the radar out here for awhile and then maybe see what's up in a couple of years. Who were some of your favorite guys to work with?

Masters: Well, definitely for my first run working the legends was you know, Shawn, Flair, Hunter... I mean working with all those guys was just amazing. During the second run, which was obviously a very different landscape, a lot of guys there had started after me. Two guys that stood out to me were guys that I wanted to have a program with, Dolph Ziggler and Drew Mcintyre. Dolph Ziggler to me is kind of like the Shawn Michaels, Curt Henning of this generation; he's a heel, he can make a comeback awesome and pounce around. He is so athletic, he can just sell really well.

With Drew McIntyre, he's got a very snug style, which I like. He also paces a match so well and he gets the details, he is very detail oriented and he always has a good idea to bring to the table that really gets things cookin', you know, something interesting or different. So it was always a pleasure to work with him and he was one of my favorite guys up there. Him and Tyler Reks, too. And now you're doing the independents, you're also doing Ring Ka King over in India. What are your thoughts on wrestling in India and doing the show?

Masters: It was great, a great experience all around. I think everybody who was on that tour will tell you we had a blast. We went there twice, slipped home for season one. It's on their top network, which with their population is incredible. It's three times at least the population of the U.S... maybe even bigger than that. It was real cool, we had a great set... real professional.

Jeff Jarrett was an amazing guy to work with. I had never met him before. I'd never met Abyss, who is one of the coolest guys I've met in the business. I think we have an interesting group of talent. It's a mix of TNA guys, former TNA guys, former WWE guys and... the challenge of that whole thing was working with a group of Indian wrestlers who we're trying to build as stars, and these guys are all very green. They are only literally a month or two in the business. So every American guy that was there was kind of strategically picked to make sure we could lead these guys to passable matches. So a lot of people who will watch in America will probably think, "oh you know, compared to today's wrestling standards this is very basic," or whatever. But that's the situation, that's the hand we were dealtů so for the amount of experience of these guys had, all the matches turned out real well and went real smooth.

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