Steven Muehlhausen of The Fight Club Chicago radio show recently conducted an interview with "Diamond" Dallas Page. During the interview, DDP revealed that his only regret in wrestling was an idea for his WWE debut involving The Rock that he never pushed for, and instead took the stalker angle angle with The Undertaker.

"I figured out how I'm gonna go show up in the WWF when I finally go there," said Page, regarding the proposed angle. "[WWE is] gonna turn off all the lights and everybody's gonna think it's gonna be Jericho. But it's gonna go 10 seconds, 20 seconds, still no lights. JR goes, 'hold on we got a problem here, just hang with us.' Then you hear my voice for the first time in a WWF arena, [saying] 'whose the real people's champion?' The spotlight hits me and I go, 'Your lookin at him.'

"The place pops, yells, boos, cheers, whatever. I do the diamond cutter sign, boom! Big explosion. I go to the ring and I start busting The Rock's chops. He can be hurt, maybe he's doing a movie or something. The Rock wasn't in a movie spot at that point, but that's where my head was going. I was literally seeing my destiny. If I would have stayed the course. When I got there to do the stalker thing, Vince [McMahon] and Shane [McMahon] really wanted me to do that. I didn't want to do that, but I agreed to that. But, I gave them this idea that I just gave you, not as this is what I want to do, because this is why I can deliver the goods, [but] because it's gonna be awesome. [I should have said] If you don't want to do this, fine I'm outta here. But I didn't do that. And that was my first goal that I ever really, totally had the whole manifestation. The whole thing right there and I dropped the ball."

Page also discussed his thoughts on CM Punk/Chris Jericho and The Rock/John Cena matches at Wrestlemania and why he feels that this will be the last match for The Undertaker. You can check out the full 50 minute interview at

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