Recently, Edge was interviewed by Extreme Pro Wrestling Radio KFAN FM 100.3. During the interview, Edge discussed; his Hall of Fame induction, his relationship with Christian, his accomplishments and more. Here are some of the highlights:

On if he didn't get to accomplish something in WWE that he wanted: "No. That's one of the things that made retirement easier. I felt like I did everything I wanted to do. Everything I set out to do and things I didn't even set out to do.

"You know, when I first started my career, there wasn't a Money In The Bank. TLC matches. We helped create that. There's things like that and then -- Royal Rumble? Check. King Of The Ring? Check. Intercontinental title? Check. U.S. title? Check. Tag team titles? Check. Both Heavyweight titles? Check, check. Main event WrestleMania? Check. So, really, I got them all in there.

"I would have liked the opportunity to wrestle Bret Hart. That was really the only thing that just wasn't possible. Our ships never crossed (in terms of) being able to work together. That's it."

On getting inducted into the Hall of Fame and whether or not he would have preferred being inducted in Canada: "One of the thing with 'Mania -- it's kind of like this world-wide thing. So, no matter where it is, there's going to be a Canadian contingent and a Zimbabwean contingent. Would it be awesome to be awesome to be inducted in your hometown of Toronto? Yeah. It'd be amazing.

"But I'm not going to turn down being offered (an induction) the first year. The very first year that I can be inducted and they want to induct me. Yeah, that's a pretty big honor. I'll take that."

On whether or not he knew his match with Alberto Del Rio at last year's WrestleMania was his last match: "No. No one really knew. We knew I was banged up. I found out after the fact that our trainers were really watching that one pretty closely. They knew something was going on but we in no way knew it was to the extent that it was.

"I was going to see my contract out and get to this WrestleMania. Then, maybe, call it a day. We didn't think it'd be there. We knew there was issues going on. But, I passed strength tests. I got some MRIs. They wanted to get additional ones. We figured I would be around for a year and then we'll plan accordingly from there.

"Then, those additional MRIs showed some funky stuff in my neck. I got the call about the MRis Monday after 'Mania, did Smackdown! Tuesday and Wednesday, I got the call that I had no choice. They weren't going to allow me to go anymore.

"It was kind of out of left field to most people. It wasn't totally shocking. I didn't expect it that soon but I knew it was coming."

On whether or not the decision to retire was easy: "That's the thing; the decision wasn't mine. Our medical staff wouldn't allow me to. The decision was out of my hands, which did make it easier. Honestly -- if it were up to me -- I could still get in there and go. If the actual company's not going to allow you to do it, there's not much you can do. That makes it easier to accept. It really does.

"If you're not going to get clearance to do it, I don't really have much to think about. Do I? It's like, 'Alright. What are we doing next?' It wasn't like it fell in my lap and the final decision was mine. The company wasn't going to take that risk and I don't blame them."

On Christian getting the chance to shine in his absence and winning the World Heavyweight title: "That -- for me -- was as satisfying as if I won it. I know how hard he's worked and really plugged away for many years just as hard as I did. To finally get the tip of the hat, it felt really good to be apart of it, to be able to watch it happen and for it to happen.

"There comes that point where it's like, 'OK. Is this going to happen? Is it going to happen?' When it did happen, I was like 'OK. Cool.' Now, if his career ended tomorrow, he'd be able to retire satisfied. He did it. He did everything he set out to do."

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