AJ Styles Talks Being Held Down, Roode As Champ, Russo, Working With Flair & More

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"I can tell you this. I've seen a lot of things like 'Fire Vince Russo'. Russo didn't come up with all of these ideas. Sure he came up with a few things that weren't that good and weren't pleasing to the ears or to the eyes but no one does. Vince wasn't all that people thought he was as far as this 'terrible writer'. Vince was a great friend of mine and I'm going to miss him not being here. But for people to say all these terrible things about him and it's just not all true.

"They have no idea, even I have no idea of all the things that went on backstage when they are writing the show. You have to think, I don't know how many writers the other company has, I'm sure its a butt load of them. We have 2 or 3 writers, that's it. Even if he did, you have to give him credit for putting in so much. Honestly, I hope Vince is enjoying the time off and not have to focus on wrestling. If I had to go through that much in my time in wrestling, I know I would have gone crazy. I just hope he is enjoying himself and his time in Colorado."

On the new creative team of Bruce Prichard, Dave Lagana and Matt Conway: "Well, Matt Conway, I've been working with him. Lagana, I've actually got to communicate with him a lot and Bruce as well. I think the fact that we have been able to communicate is a plus. The lack of communication is what screws things up. Without that you can't see their vision for what they want. You end up with two different pictures for the same thing."

On Hulk Hogan changing AJ's preconceived notions of Hulk Hogan prior to him coming in to TNA: "Sure he has. He is another guy who if I needed to talk to, I can."

The removal of the six sided ring: "I liked the six sided ring because it was different. It was who we were. We didn't look like anyone else. Maybe AAA or whoever was using the six sided ring for a second but we had our own thing and it was different from anyone else. When I took the first bump (in the standard ring) I was relived that my back wasn't breaking in half because the six sided ring is a lot rougher on your body. The squared ring is a lot safer to bump in and so it changed my mind pretty quickly."

Austin Aries: "A-double is the man. I've known this for a long time. It's no secret. It was just getting him here and letting him do his thing. He is a great wrestler. He helped our roster. He is an amazing athlete, he is an amazing wrestler."

Being offered a WWE developmental contract for $500 a week and turning it down: "I could tell you what would have happened. Literally 3 months later, WWE pulled their developmental. I'm sure they would have just dumped my contract."

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