Impact Wrestling Results: Sting Steps Down, Hogan GM?, 3 Title Bouts - Sound Off With Your Thoughts

Impact Wrestling Results: Sting Steps Down, Hogan GM?, 3 Title Bouts - Sound Off With Your Thoughts
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The show begins with footage of the Sting and Roode situation from Victory Road. They go to stills for when he was assaulting Dixie.

Dixie Carter is shown backstage; Tenay tells us that we will hear from her tonight.

The video intro runs and Dixie makes her way to the ring. She has tears in her eyes. Dixie says Roode has been disrespectful to everyone for the past few months and has disgraced the company. The crowd chants: "Fire Bobby." She says she has been left with only one option. Sting's music hits; he is in a shirt, jeans and shades, no paint. He says firing Roode will be letting him off easy. He says too many people want to exact revenge; the crowd chants: "We want re-venge." Sting says the GM position is not working.


Sting says he can't be part-time GM and wrestler. He says he has to go recover from his concussion and come back better than ever. He will be 100% wrestler. He is stepping down as GM. Sting says he has a replacement. The crowd chants for Hogan. Sting says he wants the 'real' Hulk Hogan.

Bully Ray is backstage with a chain around his fist, talking to himself, then the camera. He says tonight he is taking hostages.

X-Division Championship
Austin Aries vs. Zema Ion vs. Kid Kash vs. Anthony Nese


The match is being fought under sudden death rules. Aries and Ion fight on the outside. Kash hits a nice clothesline and a suplex on Nese. Nese tosses him over the top, to the outside. Kash favors his ankle. Aries controls Nese in the ring. Aries goes for the dropkick in the corner but Nese gets his boot up. Nese hits reverse elbow and a running knee to Aries in the corner; Ion breaks the count. Aries goes for the DDT, Nese tries to stop him by jumping off the top turnbuckle; Aries catches him and gives a simultaneous DDT and front face-drop to Ion and Nese, respectively.

Ion rolls out and Aries clotheslines Nese over the top to the outside as well. Aries delivers a cross-body through the ropes to both men. Kash, the only man in the ring, dives off the top turnbuckle, onto Aries on the outside. Ion makes his way on the apron; he hits a moonsault on both men. Nese, from inside the ring, hits his own flying move over the rope and onto the three men.

Kash attempts a superplex on Nese but Ion puts his head between Kash's legs for a slam attempt also. Aries joins the men by going under Ion and powerbombing him; the other men follow with their respective moves. The crowd loves it. Bully Ray comes in with a chain and takes everybody out. Bully grabs a mic; he says he's Bully Ray.

Winner: No Contest

Josh from Repo Games is in the parking lot. He is repossessing Anarquia's car unless he can answer some questions. He misses them. He says when he and Hernandez win the tag titles tonight, he will come back and pay Josh for the car.

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