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The show begins with footage of the Sting and Roode situation from Victory Road. They go to stills for when he was assaulting Dixie.

Dixie Carter is shown backstage; Tenay tells us that we will hear from her tonight.

The video intro runs and Dixie makes her way to the ring. She has tears in her eyes. Dixie says Roode has been disrespectful to everyone for the past few months and has disgraced the company. The crowd chants: "Fire Bobby." She says she has been left with only one option. Sting's music hits; he is in a shirt, jeans and shades, no paint. He says firing Roode will be letting him off easy. He says too many people want to exact revenge; the crowd chants: "We want re-venge." Sting says the GM position is not working.


Sting says he can't be part-time GM and wrestler. He says he has to go recover from his concussion and come back better than ever. He will be 100% wrestler. He is stepping down as GM. Sting says he has a replacement. The crowd chants for Hogan. Sting says he wants the 'real' Hulk Hogan.

Bully Ray is backstage with a chain around his fist, talking to himself, then the camera. He says tonight he is taking hostages.

X-Division Championship
Austin Aries vs. Zema Ion vs. Kid Kash vs. Anthony Nese


The match is being fought under sudden death rules. Aries and Ion fight on the outside. Kash hits a nice clothesline and a suplex on Nese. Nese tosses him over the top, to the outside. Kash favors his ankle. Aries controls Nese in the ring. Aries goes for the dropkick in the corner but Nese gets his boot up. Nese hits reverse elbow and a running knee to Aries in the corner; Ion breaks the count. Aries goes for the DDT, Nese tries to stop him by jumping off the top turnbuckle; Aries catches him and gives a simultaneous DDT and front face-drop to Ion and Nese, respectively.

Ion rolls out and Aries clotheslines Nese over the top to the outside as well. Aries delivers a cross-body through the ropes to both men. Kash, the only man in the ring, dives off the top turnbuckle, onto Aries on the outside. Ion makes his way on the apron; he hits a moonsault on both men. Nese, from inside the ring, hits his own flying move over the rope and onto the three men.

Kash attempts a superplex on Nese but Ion puts his head between Kash's legs for a slam attempt also. Aries joins the men by going under Ion and powerbombing him; the other men follow with their respective moves. The crowd loves it. Bully Ray comes in with a chain and takes everybody out. Bully grabs a mic; he says he's Bully Ray.

Winner: No Contest

Josh from Repo Games is in the parking lot. He is repossessing Anarquia's car unless he can answer some questions. He misses them. He says when he and Hernandez win the tag titles tonight, he will come back and pay Josh for the car.


Knockouts Tag Team Championship
Sarita & Rosita vs. ODB & Eric Young

April 12 is the date of ODB and Young's wedding. Young grabs the ref. Young starts off with Rosita, but he tags in ODB before they get physical. Rosita avoids a Bronco Buster and tags Sarita. Rosita tags in; her offense doesn't last long. ODB tags Young; he does cartwheels. He takes off his pants. Rosita and Sarita try to seduce him. ODB clotheslines both women. ODB tells Young to pull his pants up and asks where his ring is. She plants one on him and throws him on Rosita for the pin.

Winners by pin and STILL Knockouts Tag Champs: ODB & Eric Young.


Crimson is backstage watching Matt Morgan's commercial for Direct Insurance. Crimson says that he is what the people want to see. He challenges Morgan to a match next week. Morgan attacks him; security struggles to hold him back.


Jeff Hardy is backstage; he says Angle cheated to win. He challenges Angle to a cage match at Lockdown. Joseph Park interrupts him and introduces himself. Hardy hasn't seen Abyss; Park gives Hardy his card.

They show a retrospective of Beer Money's individual early days.

James Storm makes his way to the ring. He says football should be all year round. He complains about gas prices; he says that's wrong. He says what Roode did to Sting is also wrong. He says he is the next champ and he will 'right' all of Roode's 'wrongs.' He calls Roode out so he can beat him up.

A man in a suit comes out. He says his name is Mr. William Kelly and he is Roode's legal advisor. He reads a statement: Roode will remain at his house until further notice. He says Roode's last obligation is at Lockdown. Daniels or Kazarian will take Roode's place tonight, and it's Storm's decision who he will face. Storm says he will face both. Storm says he has a message for Roode that he wants Kelly to take back with him. Storm hits the Last Call on Mr. Kelly.

Angle is backstage. He doesn't understand why Hardy wants a rematch. He says he never loses. The interviewer says Garett lasted in the ring with him. Angle sees Garett and confronts him about if he's been telling people he beat Angle. He tells Angle that technically, he lasted 5 minutes. Angle challenges him to a 3 minute match.

3 Minute Challenge
Kurt Angle vs. Garett Bischoff

Angle pushes Garett a couple of times but it doesn't intimidate him. Angle slaps Garett. Garett comes out with clotheslines and slams. He gets a super-near fall on Angle. Angle throws him to the outside. 1 minute left; Garett kills time on the outside. Garett plays cat-and-mouse with Angle until Gunner comes out and throws Garett in the ring. With 30 seconds left, the ref calls for the bell as both men stomp Garett.

Winner by disqualification: Garett Bischoff

Hardy comes out to make the save.

Hogan is on his way.


Tag Team Championship
Mexican America vs. Magnus & Samoa Joe

Hernandez starts off with Joe. Joe tags Magnus; they double-team Hernandez. Anarquia and Magnus mix it up. Hernandez tags and delivers a delayed backbreaker to Magnus. Mexican America keeps Magnus from his corner. Magnus makes the hot tag. Joe cleans house. Joe applies a rear naked-choke and Anarquia taps, but Rosita and Sarita distract the ref. Josh from Repo Games comes down and removes the girls by putting them on his shoulders and 'repossessing' them. Joe hits a snap mare on Anarquia and Magnus follows with the signature elbow drop; Joe makes the cover.

Winners and STILL TNA World Tag Team Champions: Samoa Joe & Magnus.

Hogan is asked backstage about his feelings about the GM position. He says he's only there because Sting asked him to be.


In the parking lot: Mexican America is protesting the repossession of their car. Anarquia attacks Josh but Josh pushes him into Hernandez; Josh leaves with the girls.

Daniels & Kazarian vs. James Storm

Daniels returns backstage and tries to sneak up on Storm during his entrance, but Storm sees him and foils his plans. Daniels and Kazarian take control of Storm. Kazarian and Daniels argue and it gives Storm a chance to recover. Kazarian gets a Last Call. So does Daniels.

Winner by pin: James Storm

Sting comes down to the ring; he invites Dixie to the ring. Sting says ever since Hogan cut ties with Bischoff, he has seen the real Hulk. Sting says he trusts Hogan. Dixie agrees. Sting calls out Hogan. Sting says Hogan has made a believer out of him and Dixie; now it's time for him to hear it from the fans: the crowd chants "Hogan" as the show ends.

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