Source: has an interview with Mark Henry. Here are some highlights:

On being smart to be successful in the business: "A lot of psychology goes in to it. We're not just big guys in tight clothes. We're smart people. There are over 30 college graduates at the top of our company. You'd be hard pressed to go through the NFL, NBA, and Major League Baseball rosters and find 30 top guys out of 80 that were college graduates. So brains are not lacking in our industry."

Being a wrestler vs. a "sports entertainer": "First of all, I'm always going to call myself a wrestler. I was a wrestler before I was a sports entertainer. It's kind of like that old analogy of how do you classify yourself – are you Black, are you African-American, or Negro? People who come from different time periods will call themselves whatever they were during that time. I came into sports entertainment as a wrestler. I'm always going to be a wrestler."

Life after wrestling: "I doubt there's anyone that has ever been world champion in as many things as I've been world champion in. When I retire from wrestling I'll live a more philanthropic type of life–funding raising. I'll be helping kids find the focus I found at a young age when people automatically assumed there was no way that some small town Black kid would be able to do what I've done. I want to give hope to those kids sitting at home not knowing who they are, what they can be, and what opportunities are out there for them. I'm not going to have any problems because I'm not trying to catch a paycheck. I've had my successes. If I go to Mike Lidell, Bill Gates, Vince McMahon, Mark Cuban – these billionaires – they'll know I'm not trying to capitalize, they'll know I'm trying to help. That's where my life is going. On Black History Month I don't just want to see pictures of people I respect like Martin Luther King and the Obamas. I want my picture up there too. So…I'll live forever."

Much more is contained in the interview, you can check it out by clicking here.

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