Diamond Dallas Page recently talked about WrestleMania with Wrestling Voice Radio. You can check out highlights below:

On his WrestleMania Moment: "Before I went to WCW, I drove the pink Cadalac at WrestleMania VI. I didn't get the gig driving, it my car that got the gig and I just did the Diamond Dallas Chauffeur routine and 11 years later to be on that stage, and that was my goal. I needed to work at WrestleMania, and whenever I set a goal, I achieve it. I should of set my goal to main event WrestleMania (laughs). But it was still a lot of fun, and getting to work with Christian, everybody knows my time in WWE wasn't all that great but that night in Canada, that WrestleMania moment going against Christian, who I think is one of the best workers in the business.

"He was from Toronto, he could have worked the crowd and played the babyface, but he played heel and he played it to the max and allowed me to play the babyface and that match for under 10 minutes, I challenge anyone to show me a better match (that night) minute for minute. It's like 9 minutes and change and you tell me a more believable, more hard-hitting, story-telling match. We had the people in the palm of our hand and we didn't even have much on our angle."

Why he believes Triple H will end the streak: "I have the same record of being undefeated at WrestleMania as the Undertaker, granted he's 19-0 but I'm undefeated (laughs). But I gotta put my money on Triple H, he's gotta still be there. 'Taker has had the best run anyone could ever imagine and my money says Triple H. I could be wrong and he might go 20-0, but Triple H has still got 20 years sitting in that seat. The way they played it last year he pretty much ended it right there."

John Cena or The Rock: "I'm gonna go with Cena, The Rock doesn't have to win any matches. In his career, he lost a lot of matches and today I'm picking Cena. But the smart money goes on Jericho (beating CM Punk)."

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