Source: F4WOnline

John Bradshaw Layfield revealed on his Facebook page that TNA head of creative Bruce Prichard recently suffered a pair of heart attacks.

"Very happy one of my best friends Brother Love (Bruce Prichard) is ok after suffering two apparent heart attacks this past week," wrote Layfield. "He's got two new stents and doctor says that according to his research he actually does have a heart. Very, very happy that my pal is ok. A few years ago Gerald Brisco, who hired me at WWE and is also good friend of mine and Bruce's, had a heart attack-so apparently both of them have a heart-who would have believed it?"

According to F4WOnline, the heart attack actually took place last week, which caused Prichard to miss last Sunday's PPV and this week's TV tapings. Prichard apparently was undergoing surgery to have two stents placed in his heart and suffered the heart attack while he was hospitalized.

We wish Prichard a speedy recovery, and are glad to hear that he is OK.

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