The show starts off with it's usual pyrotechnics and after an introduction to the show, it is announced that C.M. Punk & Sheamus will take on The Miz & Daniel Bryan in the main event. Immediately after the announcement, Daniel Bryan is introduced and the World Heavyweight champion comes out with his girlfriend AJ.

Bryan starts out by yelling, 'YES!' Bryan says that he can talk about himself all night but he wants to put AJ on the spot. He asks AJ to tell everyone what it's like to be in love with the World Heavyweight champion. AJ begins by talking about her match for later tonight, but Bryan tells her to just answer the question. AJ says that it's Heaven and that nobody knows how Daniel caresses her. AJ says that Daniel has the softest lips and that sometimes, at night, they also spoon. She then begins to call him Danny, but Daniel cuts her off, telling her that they agreed that she wouldn't call him Danny in public. AJ corrects herself and says that Bryan is brave, courageous, generous. As a vegan, his body is his temple. His mind and spirit are pure. Abouve all of that, AJ says that Bryan makes her feel safe, which is why she enjoys cuddling.

Bryan then whispers into AJ's ear and AJ tells him that what he said is a little personal. However, Bryan says that it's true. AJ then goes on to say that Daniel Bryan is a great lover, noticeably embarrassed. Aj then says that at WrestleMania, Bryan will make that big Irish brute tap out and he will continue on his path to becoming the greatest of all time.

Bryan then says that the crowd should show their appreciation for AJ and better yet, for Daniel Bryan. Bryan's music hits as he chants "yes" until Sheamus' music hits and Sheamus makes his way to the ring.

Sheamus says that he's not trying to disrespect AJ, but he actually threw up in his mouth backstage. He asks AJ if she really thinks that Bryan is brave and courageous. AJ hesitates and then nods her head yes. Sheamus then says that he believes Bryan is a sniveling, little coward. Sheamus asks if AJ thinks Bryan's lips are so soft then laughs as he says he doesn't want to go there. Sheamus says he does want to go to WrestleMania because if Bryan doesn't like being called Danny...

Bryan interrupts Sheamus and says that his name is Daniel. The crowd then begins to chant "Danny." Sheamus then says that Danny Boy is a great name for Bryan and says that if he doesn't like being called Danny, he sure as hell won't like being called former World Heavyweight champion. Sheamus then says that at WrestleMania, he's going to kick Bryan's teeth down his throat. With those words, Sheamus' music is played and he walks to the backstage area.

Backstage, Mark Henry is shown talking to someone, before walking towards the entrance way. It is then announced that Henry will take on Team Teddy member, R-Truth. Then, we head into commercial break.

R-Truth vs. Mark Henry

Both men make their way to the ring and the match begins. R-Truth starts out with an attack, but Henry stunts his momentum with some clubbing blows. R-Truth tries to battle back, but Henry clotheslines Truth. On the outside, Henry continues to attack Henry and rams his head into the ring steps before rolling him back into the ring. Henry continues to beat down Truth, picking him up just to knock him down. Henry then goes for the cover, only getting a two count. Mark goes for an elbow drop, but Truth moves out of the way.

R-Truth then mounts a comeback, hitting a DDT with Henry on his knees. However, he only garners a two count. Truth goes to the top rope and attempts a cross body, however, Henry catches Truth in mid-air and lands the World's Strongest Slam for the win.

Winner: Mark Henry

Before the commercial break, it is announced that Kane will take on The Big Show later tonight.

A video package is shown, showcasing the latest Hall of Fame inductee: Yokozuna.

A video recap of Zack Ryder trying to get on Team Teddy from this week's Monday Night Raw. Teddy Long, Kofi Kingston, Santino and Aksana are shown watching it. Ryder comes into the scene and tries to convince the team that he deserves to be apart of the group. Teddy says that it sounds like a good plan, but he isn't sure it makes sense because of Ryder's situation with Eve. Long says that he doesn't want any distractions on his team.

Ryder says that he has something that might convince Teddy. Ryder then waves Hornswoggle in and he shows up with a Team Teddy flag that has Long's face on it. Teddy says that he could use a mascot but a mascot and a rally still aren't Big Enough. Ryder then asks Teddy if he wants big and then introduces The Great Khali, who is decked out in Zack Ryder gear. Ryder says that if he's in, so is Khali. Teddy asks Khali if that's true and Khali says, 'Woo woo woo. You know it.' The team is then made official and they all chant along with Ryder.

AJ w/ Daniel Bryan vs. Brie Bella w/ Nikki Bella

AJ starts off the match with a kiss from Daniel Bryan. Soon after, Brie is slammed to the mat before getting more coaching from Bryan. Brie gets AJ in a headlock before being whipped into the ropes, hitting a back elbow. AJ then runs into Brie, however her throat is draped over the top rope. Brie only gets a two count.

Brie straddles AJ and is looking to get a pin out of the position. However, AJ counters with a pin attempt of her own. Brie then clotheslines AJ and regains the advantage, before lacing AJ up in a modified chin lock. AJ fights her way back up to her feet and lands some kicks and punches before Brie knees AJ in the gut. Brie then sends AJ into the ropes, looking for a tilt-a-whirl back breaker. However, AJ reverses the move and hits a leg-scissors into a variation of the LeBell lock. Brie begins screaming in pain and asks Nikki for help. Nikki gets on the ring apron and distracts the referee while Bryan joins her and tells her to get down.

AJ unlocks the hold and asks both Bryan and Nikki what they are doing. Brie then looks to blindside AJ, but AJ ducks and Brie hits Nikki. AJ then slips behind Brie and rolls her up for the victory.

Winner: AJ

After the match, Bryan gets into the ring and stands up in the corner of the ring, chanting 'YES' in celebration. As both AJ and Bryan walk to the back, Bryan continues to give AJ advice.

In the ring, Nikki grabs a microphone and tells Brie that she should have listened to her advice. Nikki says that the WWE Universe doesn't know a lot about the Bella Twins, like the fact that they disagree on a lot of things. As an example, Nikki says that she supports Team Teddy while her twin sister supports Team Johnny. Therefore, she wants the crowd to help her show support for Team Teddy right now. She then leads the crowd in a T-E-D-D-Y chant before the Bellas head to the back.

Before the commercial break, a promo for the main event is shown once again.

Back from the break and Vickie Guerrero comes out to introduce a member of Team Johnny: Jack Swagger.

Jack Swagger vs. Zack Ryder w/ Hornswoggle

Ryder starts out with a side headlock, followed by a toe hold into a front face lock. Swagger escapes the hold and locks Ryder up in a key lock. Swagger is then pushed off and both men hit the ropes until Swagger swings through Swagger and rolls him up for a two count. When both men get up, Ryder hits a drop kick.

Swagger regains the advantage and sends Ryder into the corner before hitting an under-hooked, over-head, belly-to-belly suplex. Swagger then continues his attack, keeping Ryder grounded. With Swagger locking Ryder up in another arm hold, Ryder is forced to fight out of it. Swagger continues to look for attacking opportunities, but Ryder continues to counter his foe. Finally, Ryder begins to mount an offense and plants Swagger with a face buster. Swagger is sent into the corner, and is hit with the Broski Boot. However, Ryder only gets a two count.

Ryder then lines Swagger up, looking for the Rough Ryder. However, Swagger is caught in mid-air and power bombed in the corner with his head hitting the turnbuckle. Swagger then hits the middle ropes and lands his splash but only gets a two count himself. Swagger then looks to continue his attack when Hornswoggle begins to chase Vickie down, leading up to the ring apron. Vickie and Hornswoggle distract Swagger until both get down. Swagger turns around and Swagger nails him with the Rough Ryder for the win.

Winner: Zack Ryder

From there, we go into a Raw highlight with Cody Rhodes' attack on The Big Show. Cody Rhodes is then shown arriving at the arena earlier today. Striker then walks up to Rhodes and asks him about what happened on Raw between he and the Big Show. Rhodes says that he enjoys showing people The Big Show choking on the grandest stage of them all: WrestleMania. Rhodes enjoys beating The Big Show up but the biggest embarrassment will be on April Fool's Day, April 1st, when the biggest fool in the WWE loses to him. Rhodes then tells Striker that he has a plane to catch and leaves the building.

The Big Show vs. Kane

Kane comes out attacking Big Show who them battles back. In the corner, Kane avoids the danger and lands huge blows. However, when Kane goes in for more, Show knocks Kane down with a huge shoulder tackle. Kane rolls out of the ring and regains the advantage before getting into the ring and waiting on his opponent. Kane keeps The Big Show with kicks before locking in a chin lock.

The Big Show finally breaks out of the hold before both men are downed with a huge double-clothesline. With both men on their knees, they begin to battle all the way up to their feet. Kane is sent into the corner and clubbed. Kane is then sent into the ropes and blasted with a huge shoulder tackle. However, Kane gets up and kicks The Big Show in the gut, hits the ropes and comes back with a DDT. Kane gets a two count.

Kane goes to the top rope and comes down looking for his clothesline. The Big Show sees it coming and catches Kane by the throat, hitting the choke slam. Before he can go for the pin, however, Cody Rhodes comes from out of the crowd and kicks The Big Show while he's down.

Winner: No Contest

After the match is called off, The Big Show pushes Cody out of the ring and Cody takes off through the crowd. While Show chases him away, Randy Orton sneaks into the ring and lands an RKO on Kane right after he makes it to his feet. Randy Orton's music hits and we are then told that Brodus Clay will be in action after the commercial break.

A video package is shown, showcasing the WWE's anti-bullying campaign.

Heath Slater vs. Brodus Clay

Clay and Slater lock up, only for Clay to simply shove Slater down into the mat. Clay uses his power to toss Slater around the ring. Slater drop kicks Clay in the knee and takes the big man down. Slater then hits a shining wizard before getting a two count when Clay shoves him out of the attempt. Clay gets back to his feet and rams Slater in the mid-section when Slater is in mid-air. Clay picks Slater up, hits him in the stomach and then delivers a huge knee.

Slater is then picked up once more and Clay delivers an over-head suplex. Clay then splashes Slater with his signature move, picking up the victory as we head into commercial break.

Winner: Brodus Clay

Backstage, Zack Ryder is shown telling Eve that everything they planned worked and that he's going to WrestleMania. Eve corrects him, saying that they are going to WrestleMania. Ryder then tells Eve that she's not just beautiful but she's also smart. Eve then seems disrespected and asks Ryder if he thinks that beauty can't come with brain. Eve then tells Ryder that he can forget about that dinner they had planned before he can explain. She then walks away after saying that she'll just go with someone else. As Eve walks away, she is seen smiling at the thought of her manipulation.

In this weeks Raw Rebound, the in-ring meeting between Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker and Triple H is shown. Then, another promo for the main event is shown before commercial break.

Back from the break, Christian's music is playing as he is going to be at ringside during the next match for commentary.

The Great Khali w/ Teddy Long vs. Dolph Ziggler w/ John Laurinaitis & David Otunga

Ziggler starts the match out, looking to avoid Khali's big strikes. Ziggler lands some shots to Khali's mid-section but is sent into the ropes and clubbed for his trouble. Dolph heads to the outside and asks Laurinaitis if he has his back. Khali then drags Ziggler back into the ring and delivers a clothesline. Ziggler is sent into the corner and delivers a huge chest to his chest. He then does the same in another corner.

Khali goes in for more but Ziggler lands a drop kick to the knee. With Khali on his hands and knees, Ziggler lands a leaping elbow drop before locking in a front face lock. Ziggler is then pickedd up and slammed by Khali. Ziggler tries to find attack, but Khali lands a couple of clotheslines. However, Ziggler ducks a third and locks in a sleeper hold. Before Khali can even fight his way out of it, Laurinaitis rings the bell and Ziggler is declared the winner.

Teddy gets into the ring and says that Smackdown! doesn't roll like that. Teddy then says that Dolph has until the count of ten to get back in the ring or he will lose the match. The referee starts the count and Team Johnny continue to believe they have won the match. At the count of ten, Khali is declared the winner.

Winner: The Great Khali via count out.

After the match, Kofi Kingston and Santino run down and send Ziggler into the ring where Ziggler is clubbed and sent to the canvas. Teddy Long, Kofi, Santino and Khali then celebrate in the ring with Khali's music playing.

In the back, Daniel Bryan with AJ and The Miz are seen walking towards the ring, with The Miz telling Bryan that he needs this victory tonight before the break.

C.M. Punk & Sheamus vs. The Miz & Daniel Bryan w/ AJ

Sheamus and Bryan start the match off. However, as Sheamus comes in for the lock up, Bryan tags The Miz in and steps out to the ring side area. Sheamus then goes on the attack, landing a huge clothesline on the former WWE champion. Sheamus quickly tags Punk while grabbing Miz' arm. Punk comes in with a double axe handle off the top rope.

Punk sends Miz into the ropes and tags Sheamus back in quickly. As Miz returns, Sheamus flies over the top rope and lands a huge shoulder tackle. Sheamus then picks The Miz up and lands the Irish Curse back breaker. As Sheamus goes for the pin, Bryan comes in and breaks up the count. Sheamus then chases Bryan back into the corner and drags him into the ring by the neck before Bryan quickly escapes the ring. As this happens, Miz capitalizes and sends Sheamus out of the ring. With Sheamus on his knees on the outside, Bryan delivers a big front drop kick before the commercial break.

Back from the break, we see The Miz land a huge boot to the face of Sheamus. Miz has Sheamus in a front face lock before Sheamus counters with a back drop. Sheamus is then allowed to tag C.M. Punk in who goes on the attack. Punk sends Miz into the corner and he lands his patented knee strike before hitting a running bulldog. Punk lands a scoop slam and heads to the top rope looking for his elbow drop. Bryan then comes in and distracts Punk before Miz comes in with a swinging DDT, getting a two count.

The Miz tags Bryan in and Bryan goes in on the offensive. With Punk grounded, Bryan goes on the attack, trying to wear the WWE champion down. Punk fights out of the situation, landing a clothesline and looking for a tag. However, Bryan stops his short-term momentum and tags The Miz back into the match. Miz is wearin Punk down now but Punk fights out of it and looks to hit the GTS. However, Miz escapes out the back and lands his signature, modified scorpion death drop to his knee. When he attempts to complete the move, however, Punk slips up and delivers a round house kick and begins to crawl towards his corner.

The Miz tags Bryan in and tries to stop Punk from tagging Sheamus in. However, he is too late and Sheamus goes to work on the World heavyweight champion. Sheamus then ties Bryan up in the ropes and lands his ten, thudding fore-arm shots to Bryan's chest. After Sheamus continues to pound on Bryan, Daniel tags The Miz back into the match and exits the ring. Sheamus chases him and is lead into some stomps by The Miz. However, Sheamus pushes The Miz off and delivers a Brogue Kick for the victory.

Winners: C.M. Punk & Sheamus

After the match, Sheamus grabs his World Heavyweight championship and walks up the ramp way with AJ as both he and Sheamus stare each other down.

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