WWE Smackdown Recap: The Road To WrestleMania Heats Up, New Member Added To Team Teddy

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Back from the break, we see The Miz land a huge boot to the face of Sheamus. Miz has Sheamus in a front face lock before Sheamus counters with a back drop. Sheamus is then allowed to tag C.M. Punk in who goes on the attack. Punk sends Miz into the corner and he lands his patented knee strike before hitting a running bulldog. Punk lands a scoop slam and heads to the top rope looking for his elbow drop. Bryan then comes in and distracts Punk before Miz comes in with a swinging DDT, getting a two count.

The Miz tags Bryan in and Bryan goes in on the offensive. With Punk grounded, Bryan goes on the attack, trying to wear the WWE champion down. Punk fights out of the situation, landing a clothesline and looking for a tag. However, Bryan stops his short-term momentum and tags The Miz back into the match. Miz is wearin Punk down now but Punk fights out of it and looks to hit the GTS. However, Miz escapes out the back and lands his signature, modified scorpion death drop to his knee. When he attempts to complete the move, however, Punk slips up and delivers a round house kick and begins to crawl towards his corner.

The Miz tags Bryan in and tries to stop Punk from tagging Sheamus in. However, he is too late and Sheamus goes to work on the World heavyweight champion. Sheamus then ties Bryan up in the ropes and lands his ten, thudding fore-arm shots to Bryan's chest. After Sheamus continues to pound on Bryan, Daniel tags The Miz back into the match and exits the ring. Sheamus chases him and is lead into some stomps by The Miz. However, Sheamus pushes The Miz off and delivers a Brogue Kick for the victory.

Winners: C.M. Punk & Sheamus

After the match, Sheamus grabs his World Heavyweight championship and walks up the ramp way with AJ as both he and Sheamus stare each other down.

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