Yesterday on the PWTorch
"Interview Friday" (subscribe in itunes) as part of the VIP-exclusive Aftershow with Wade Keller, Kevin Nash revealed for the first time the full story on why his match with C.M. Punk was derailed after Summerslam last year.

"I'll tell you what nobody knows about this entire thing," Nash said. "I never went into it and WWE never went into it because of the privacy issue. What happened was, because of the Wellness Program, because my dad died of a heart attack at 36 years old, they do beyond a thorough physical. Well, my heart and everything else was fine, but I'm on Plavix and Plavix is a blood platelet agulator; they call it a blood thinner. It's not, it stops your platelets from sticking together so you don't get cardiovascular disease and blockages in your arteries and have a heart attack. it's also for stroke. It's very common to take with a statin drug if you have anybody in your heredity who died before 50 let alone having a father who died of a massive coronary at age 36.

"So I was on Plavix. So this comes through. When the doctor sees I'm on Plavix, I can't wrestle. So now I'm supposed to wrestle C.M. Punk. I can't. They won't medically clear me. Triple H has to take my spot. It screws up the entire angle. That's how all that came about. WWE would never - because that's the class of the program - let that come out, but I need to make sure people realize it wasn't Creative's [fault], it was that a 52 year old guy was on Plavix and I had to go off it. I had to be off it for a certain amount of time before I could go back to work. It just so happened that I was finishing the Soderbergh film "Magic Mike" at the time, and I had to go shoot that, so it coincided with me going away for a while. I took the shot with the sledgehammer in Buffalo at Night of Champions and that got me away until I could be clear, and then I came back and we went into the match with Paul [Triple H] and I. At that point, Phil [C.M. Punk] and I sort of missed our opportunity to have that match. That's the true untold story that I give only Wade Keller (laughs)."

Nash also talked about who was planned to be the person who texted Nash at SummerSlam and where that storyline was headed, to check it out, click here: Nash tells PWTorch what was planned for texting angle, why it was derailed mid-stream.

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