John Cena was interviewed by CBS Charlotte's Marc James and discussed a number of topics. During the discussion, Cena touched upon; his car accident, facing The Rock at WrestleMania and the major issue between them and more. Here are some of the highlights:

On whether or not the car wreck he was in is a concern: "You see me on TV. A car wreck isn't going to phase me. I'm totally fine. I'll be [at WrestleMania] in one piece. I'm so fine, I have a last man standing match against Kane in Charlotte and I will be good enough to be the last man standing."

On whether or not the animosity with The Rock is for real: "We're just two different people. That's not to knock anybody's success but I'm a company guy through and through. I think Rock is a Rock guy through and through. I let my attitude be known about that and he doesn't take too kindly to that. So, we have ourselves an issue. We will settle it on April 1st and that's pretty much all I can say.

"If anybody is questioning my resolve or my condition, they can show up on Sunday in Charlotte and they can see how ready for this match I am."

On the difference between Cena vs. Rock and Rock vs. Hogan: "People have said, 'It's like Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James.' It's not, because Michael Jordan was Michael Jordan in the '80s and '90s. What you're seeing at WrestleMania is Michael Jordan vs. Michael Jordan. The Rock is in shape, he is ready to go. He is ready to bring it.

"Like I said; I'm taking nothing away from his success. I'm just extremely passionate about this company and he used this company to further himself. So, that's my main issue with that. I certainly don't knock on Rock for doing movies. His movies have grossed over a billion dollars world-wide. You can't knock the success and the hustle of The Rock. But when you have two successful entities, both with severely different ideals -- it's like the democrats and the republicans. They both believe that they're correct.

"I firmly stand by my ideology. I believe that I'm correct in this one and I believe that I'm going to be the better man on April 1st. That's pretty much what it is."

To check out the entire video, check out the player below.

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