As I See It: WWE WrestleMania XXVIII Predictions, More

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So given that it's a week before Wrestlemania. here are my uneducated guesses as to the results for next Sunday.

* Main event
The Rock vs. John Cena
My guess is that there's not a conclusive finish; so this match can get made again for Summerslam. Who'd interfere? Since The Miz iasn't booked in a match, and they've made a point of him going from the main event of Wrestlemania last year to not booked this'd fit right in.

* Hell in a Cell match (with special guest referee Shawn Michaels)
Triple H vs. The Undertaker
Since HBK screwing HHH is being so strongly hinted, it's probably not happening. My guess: HHH goes over clean and ends The Streak, and lets Undertaker ride off into the sunset (or wherever "dead men" go). Online wrestling fans promptly blow up the Internet b---hing that someone else should have ended The Streak.

* WWE Championship
CM Punk (Champion) vs. Chris Jericho
Most interesting build-up of the matches. Jericho is great playing a despicable heel getting into CM Punk's head. my pick: Punk goes over Jericho by submission after the best wrestling match of the entire show.

* World Heavyweight Championship
Daniel Bryan (Champion) with AJ vs. Sheamus
Macho Man Daniel Bryan with AJ as "the Lovely Elizabeth" has been playing chickens--t heel for months while channeling his inner Randy Savage in treating AJ like garbage. Meanwhile, AJ's playing working class Elizabeth and looking doe-eyed at Bryan all the time. I think Sheamus goes over Bryan by reversal of a pinfall (or an AJ turn on Bryan out of nowhere?) to win the title.

* WWE Intercontinental Championship
Cody Rhodes (Champion) vs. Big Show
Cody Rhodes goes over Big Show. Cody's a good heel and is getting his stride, but this match doesn't interest me that much.

* Randy Orton vs. Kane
It's been reported that Kane may be starting a wind-down of his career, so I think it'd make a helluva lot more sense for Orton to go over. Given how over he is, WWE needs to start moving Randy Orton up the food chain again, so perhaps a new storyline can start after mania for him. Cute recent hype by Orton to say this is a bigger match than Sheamus-Bryan. Does that mean he gets the winner?

* Team Teddy (with captain Santino Marella, R-Truth, Kofi Kingston, Zack Ryder, The Great Khali and one other to be named (with Hornswoggle) vs. Team Johnny (with captain David Otunga, Mark Henry, Christian, Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger and one other to be named )
Stipulations include the General Manager of the winning team becoming the General Manager of both Raw and SmackDown. In addition, if Team Johnny wins, Christian will earn an opportunity to wrestle for the World Heavyweight Championship.

It's a pretty reasonable guess that WWE will want to keep riding the John Laurinaitis storyline, since Giant Bernard/A-Train/Baldo is coming up, reportedly as Laurinaitis's bodyguard. So my call is Team Johnny goes over, likely by a heel screw finish.

* Divas tag team match
Maria Menounos and Kelly Kelly vs. Beth Phoenix and Eve Torres
Babyfaces go over. Yawn.

To conclude, another reminder on 2 cancer-related charity shows.

The star-studded event happens Saturday, April 28, 2012 with a 7:45 pm bell-time at the Parks & Recreation Building, 44 Park Avenue, Nutley, NJ. Headlining the extravaganza are main event bouts with WWE Hall of Famer Tito Santana and WWE Legend The Rocker Marty Jannetty. Santana and Jannetty are former Intercontinental and Tag Team Champions. WWE Legend Young Stallion Jim Powers, a former Survivor Series winner, hosts a meet and greet session. Kevin Knight will defend the IWF Heavyweight Title. Also appearing are Self-Made Travis Blake with IWF Commissioner Richard Ross, Hi-Definition Chris Steeler, Phat Daddy Biggie Biggs, Outlaw Shane O'Brien, IWF Tag Team Champions The Master Frank Scoleri and Absolutely Edwin, All-Star Austin Williams, The Gambler Mr. Casino, Roman, Doctor Hurtz, Nightlife Nicky Oceans, Mad Dawg Jenkins, Rock Queen Alissa, AJ Sparxx, and more.

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