Former WWE Head Writer Talks Meeting Vince For First Time, Almost Fighting Hayes, HHH, Stephanie

Former WWE Head Writer Talks Meeting Vince For First Time, Almost Fighting Hayes, HHH, Stephanie
Former Smackdown lead writer Alex Greenfield recently spoke with Raj Giri of about working with WWE, his thoughts on Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, backstage rituals, almost fighting Michael Hayes and more. Here is part one of the interview.

Click here for part two of the interview, where Greenfield talks about WWE exploiting Eddie Guerrero's death, Rey Mysterio being buried during his first run as champion, producing the Trish Stratus - Mickie James feud, pitching ideas involving Randy Savage and much more.

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WrestlingINC: You started with WWE in 2005. What was your background before that?

Greenfield: I moved out to Hollywood right after my wife and I graduated from college with the idea that I'd be walking down red carpets and cashing million dollar checks. [laughs] Screen writer dream. I worked in the basic Hollywood jobs. I worked as an assistant. I'd even gotten a job as a junior manager. Then, I ended up getting some gigs in advertisement, doing a lot of ad copy for on-air promotions for MSNBC and CNBC. Did that for a while and then, finally, booked my first gig as a screen writer for a low budget horror movie. I did a couple of those.

The night after WrestleMania 21, WWE ran a show at the Staples Center and I went. It was the first time I'd been to a live wrestling event in years. I was like, "Oh, this is awesome." I was checking it out on the internet the next day -- and this is the lamest, "I got hired by WWE" story I've ever heard -- WWE had an ad on the internet looking for creative writers and I sent them my resume. It really was just an online job ad. But, I'd been a wrestling fans since I was 11-years-old and I was like, "Oh, that'd be a super-awesome gig," and it ended up becoming the next two years of my life.

WrestlingINC: Did being a wrestling fan hurt your chances at all?

Greenfield: I don't think so. One thing people got to understand is that the mandate for what they're looking for in terms of writers changes from time to time. For me, I wasn't what you would decisively call the "smart mark." I didn't read the dirt sheets before I found out I'd gotten hired and then I sort of started digging deeper. I didn't know anything about the language of kayfabe. I just enjoyed wrestling purely as a fan. Purely with the forward-facing story lines. Yet, I had a background in entertainment. So, I was a ground-level fan who'd done some creative writing in produced stock and that seemed to be just the ideal mix for what they were looking for at that point.

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