Zach Takes and Zach Grigg recently spoke with ROH wrestler Michael Elgin on Shotgun Wrestling Radio. Here are some highlights:

His start in pro wrestling: "I'm the youngest in my family and hanging out with my cousins, they were big wrestling fans. One of the first pictures I have as a kid is of me sitting in a wrestling ring with the rubber LJN figures. When I was 14, ifound a school that would actually train 14-year-olds. It wasn't the best place, but knowing I wanted to wrestle, I jumped at the chance to start training.

"I was there 'till I was 16, and then from there I joined Squared Circle Wrestling out of Toronto with Rob Fugeo, who broke in with Edge and Christian. That's where i really began leaning my training. We would have Edge and Christian come in quite often when they were in town. The trainers I had were just amazing to be able to learn from."

If his parents objected to him wrestling: "They were very supportive. I do remember telling my mom, 'I'm going to Detroit for the weekend' and she was all for it. But the day I would leave she would get moody and nervous and she would do that often, because at 14 I couldn't wrestle in Canada because we had an athletic commission."

How he came into contact with Ring of Honor: "I had worked with a lot of people who had worked for Ring of Honor such as Jimmy Jacobs, Jimmy Rave and BJ Whitmore all within a span of a couple months. I had asked them how I get into Ring of Honor, and they told me to contact Gabe. In January of 2007 I asked if I could come out to the shows, and I showed up. Jimmy Jacobs and BJ Whitmore introduced me to him and that weekend I had my first tryout match."

If he was nervous for his first PPV: "My first PPV was the 9th anniversary in Chicago. I had been there a couple months... I can't say I was nervous, but I was ready to prove that I had earned a spot in Ring of Honor."

Elgin also talked about Sinclair buying ROH, managers in wrestling, tag team wrestling and more. You can check out the full interview by clicking here.

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