Michael Elgin, who may receive a ROH World title shot if Davey Richards wins the triple threat match against Roderick Strong and Eddie Edwards on the first night of Showdown in the Sun, just released an open letter to the champion via, which can be viewed below:

Davey, as I sit here it's Monday March 26th, only 6 days away from when we will stand across from each other in our warzone. Due to my nature, I have chosen to put this in a different forum then on film. See, Davey if you watch what I have to say then you will have the chance to look into my eyes and see what you will have to deal with on March 31st. That is something I don't want to give you. Since my time in ROH people, have seen the power, people have seen the intensity but March 31st is a new day and I will bring you a new Michael Elgin.

To most people this is only a few weeks in the making, from when I defeated your protégé Kyle O'Reilly in my Blind Destiny Match. That couldn't be further than the truth. Davey I started my training at 14 years old, around that time I also became familiar with the world outside of what I saw on tv. Through learning about the stars of Independent Wrestling, I learned about a new company that was in the process of changing what Pro Wrestling was in North America. I sat at my computer and watched a match between Low Ki, Bryan Danielson and Christopher Daniels. In that moment I said to myself and a good friend beside me, I will be there one day and not only that, I will be the best to come through those doors. I witnessed that match not long after I turned 15, so March 31st is 10 years in the making for me Davey.

Now it could be for the most prestigious title in the world, or it could just be for the matter of pride. Either way, I am in the ring with possibly the best Wrestler in the world today. I realize that, it doesn't put butterflies in my stomach, or doubt in my mind. What it does is prepare me, it demands that I look at myself and do what I have to do to be ready. The hours in the gym, the countless matches since then all over Canada and the US using new tools, and old ones I haven't went to for a long time. The world of ROH is familiar with my strength, and the power I use to dominate opponents, but years ago I used everything in my arsenal, and 6 days from now I will come to Ft. Lauderdale more dangerous than ever. I could say I am confident, but often confidence is misunderstood as cockiness, and cockiness represents self-doubt and allows a man to become susceptible to failure.

I can't fail, if the title is on the line I am able to accomplish 2 goals in one night. As much as that title means to me, and the sport it's about so much more than that. It's about showing you I don't fear you, every kick, every time you twist and tear my ankle and think you have me where you want me, it's about proving you wrong and making you rethink your strategy. It's about showing everyone in attendance and everyone watching on IPPV that Unbreakable isn't just a nickname, it's what I represent, it's what makes me who I am. I always hear you say I don't need Truth, I don't need Roderick , that I am good enough to stand on my own 2 feet. Well Roderick and Truth have shown me the path, and that path leads me straight to you. I will be standing on my own 2 feet in front of you, and I will not break. There is no doubt that you're as good as everyone thinks, there is no doubt that you have heart, you have skill, you have drive and determination.....Davey March 31st I stand in front of you knowing what you have deep down, but I will be digging deeper to show that they say god created all men equal……….THEY WERE WRONG!


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