John Cena Talks 20 Years From Now, Going Into WWE's Hall Of Fame And More

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John Cena Talks 20 Years From Now, Going Into WWE's Hall Of Fame And More
John Cena spoke with The LA Times this week to promote WrestleMania 28. Here are some highlights:

Q: If you could transport any wrestler from history, in the prime of his career, to face you at next year's WrestleMania, who would it be and why?

A: Well, it would be hard to top Dwayne this year, but I'd have to say Stone Cold Steve Austin. ... He is one of those guys who had a superhuman level of popularity, and I think we would match up well.

Q: When you get inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame one day, who is the first person you thank?

A: The idiots who voted for me! No, I'd have to thank Vince McMahon. Vince gave me the platform to do the things I'm doing. He gets so caught up in running a company every day that I think Vince forgets sometimes that he makes dreams come true. He gave me my dream life.

Q: Twenty years from now, when people are looking back on your career, what do you hope they say?

A: That they had a good time when watching me. ... Whether they cheered me or booed me, liked me or didn't like me, that they had a good time whenever they saw me. is the largest independently owned wrestling website in the world (Source: Alexa). Like us on Facebook by clicking the "Like" button below:

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