Former WWE Writer Talks Mysterio Buried As Champion, Guerrero's Death Being Exploited, Savage & More

Former WWE Writer Talks Mysterio Buried As Champion, Guerrero's Death Being Exploited, Savage & More
Former Smackdown lead writer Alex Greenfield recently spoke with Raj Giri of about working with WWE, his thoughts on WWE exploiting Eddie Guerrero's death, Rey Mysterio being buried during his first run as champion, producing the Trish Stratus - Mickie James feud, pitching ideas involving Randy Savage and more. Here is part two of the interview.

Click here for part one, where Greenfield talks about how he got the job with WWE, his thoughts on Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, backstage rituals, almost getting into a fist-fight with Michael Hayes and much more.

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WrestlingINC: You started out in the early summer of 2005. One thing that really disgusted me that happened later that year was after Eddie Guerrero passed away and when the company was exploiting his death. What were the thoughts on the creative team being told to come up with ideas for using his death?

Greenfield: It was awkward, and this is true universally for the writing team. Every single week on both shows, we were, like, 'Isn't this too much? Come on. Isn't this too much?' Vince's reaction was, 'God damn. Eddie would want this. This is what we're doing and this is where we're going with it.' Every single time -- from Rey (Mysterio) dedicating his victory at the Royal Rumble and competing at WrestleMania, the Randy (Orton) promo, running him down for No Way Out -- all of those things are things that Vince said Eddie would want. He truly believes this. I don't think it was just for business because he certainly heard from all of us 'isn't this too much' a lot.

WrestlingINC: What finally made him stop?

Greenfield: Time, I guess? I think after Rey won the title? No, because we kept the program going with the Chavo (Guerrero)/Rey stuff after that. In my time there, he didn't stop I guess. [laughs] That's the best way to say it. By the time I left, right before the beginning of 2007, I guess we were still using it.

WrestlingINC: That was another weird thing. With Rey winning the title, he was jobbing every week.

Greenfield: It was awful. [laughs] My biggest regret from my time writing and my time as head writer is the way we treated Rey. Vince had this image in his head of Rey being a very much, underneath guy. 'Gosh, I'm so lucky to be champion' guy. He decided that and we -- and I -- tried to do my best to give Vince what he wanted but try to keep it on Rey and I wish I had worked harder on it.

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