Former WWE Writer Talks Mysterio Buried As Champion, Guerrero's Death Being Exploited, Savage & More

I knew at the time that this wasn't going to work. You can't make a champion out of a guy that thinks he's won the lotto and that made Rey so weak. Don't get me wrong. I loved working with King Booker and working on that angle. I thought it was fantastic. We just wanted to do that much later in the year at, like, Survivor Series and it felt rushed. It felt like it didn't do a good service to Rey and it's one of the few things I worked on there -- even some of the pretty bad things -- that I regret not working harder on and fighting for Rey to get a better run.

WrestlingINC: You also produced the Trish Stratus/Mickie James segments, correct?

Greenfield: Yes, I did. That's the flip-side of this. Of all the stuff I contributed to, it's one of the things I'm -- by far -- the most proud of there. They're both extraordinarily talented women. Brian (Gewirtz), who co-wrote a lot of those sequences with me, was on top of his game. We did some stuff that still lives on my demo reel. The 'Temple To Trish' deal with Mickie in her locker room had been all done up as a temple to Trish Stratus. It's still one of my favorite things.

WrestlingINC: I almost feel like that was the last memorable divas feud. It was really well done from all aspects. From the writing to their matches. It was really memorable.

Greenfield: ... I think the 'Pinup Strong' thing that Beth (Phoenix) and Natalya were doing was so freaking good, and then they split them up and do the stupid fart thing. But I really felt like there was something there and that you could turn either one of them and have another great program. But, you know, that didn't happen. I believe that whether it's knockouts or divas -- or Shimmers especially -- women's wrestling can draw. What we did with the Mickie and Trish program absolutely proves that.

We were getting show opener's and mid-point cross over segments. We were doing great in the ratings. We were drawing money throughout that program. You'd think the lesson would be -- here, we can tie this in to a Triple H thing. You would think that the lesson would be, 'Oh, women can draw. Let's keep the women's division strong. We can continue to draw.' Or, you can take the approach of one of the things that Hunter said, which was, 'Giving them all this time; doesn't that take away from the men?'

You're just like, 'You douche. You are a part of the same company. It's your own business, for crying out loud!'

WrestlingINC: Why do you think they aren't pushing the divas? Is it that mentality or do you think Vince just hasn't found someone that connects like Trish Stratus did? It doesn't seem like people are given a chance.

Greenfield: Well, I mean, therein lays the problem. Vince doesn't think anybody can be Trish and Lita right now. I'm not saying that's the case, I have no idea. Therefore, he de-elevates the division so that it's nothing but eye-candy. Then he says, 'God damn. Why don't I have a Trish? I can't push anything until I have one of them.'

You've got to let them build. Beth and Natalya and Kharma, when she gets back, and I even think Tamina and AJ and a few of the other women could really be strong workers. And for God's sake, I'm begging him to watch a Shimmer show to show (him) how some awesome story telling can lead to some really good matches that audiences are completely into. Or just go back and watch the Mickie/Trish angle.

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