Former WWE Writer Talks Mysterio Buried As Champion, Guerrero's Death Being Exploited, Savage & More

They could be doing so much more with that division and it's incredibly frustrating as a fan of women's wrestling to see how they just drop the ball again and again and again.

WrestlingINC: Yeah. It just seems like the booking for the women's division has been the same for the last several years. The same women are just tag teaming week in and week out. No real storyline and it doesn't really go anywhere. I agree about Pinup Strong. I thought that could go somewhere. It seems like as soon as they came up with the name for their group, one of them was losing every week.

Greenfield: I can't figure it out for the life of me. There were like three weeks there where they were basically just killing the so-called pretty girl divas. It felt like this was going to take off. It'd get really good audience reactions and you'd start seeing signs. Then, they turned Natalya into a farting jobber for no readily apparent reason.

Then, Beth wasn't on TV for three or four weeks in favor of the Eve story, which is going to continue until WrestleMania for God knows why.

WrestlingINC: It can be kind of frustrating. What were some of your other favorite angles that you worked on while you were there?

Greenfield: I really loved doing Palmer Cannon and the new talent initiative when we changed networks (to UPN). Palmer Cannon was this network executive who came in. It really was Brian (Mailhot) and he was really fun to work with. The network had decided that it had control of the show and it was going to make Teddy (Long) go through the show and do a new talent initiative.

We brought in The Boogeyman and all of these Mexican minis. It was absolute chaos and super-duper fun and ended much too soon, I say. It was really the two or three segments a week that were related to that. We had this outside character that could order anything -- we could just do the craziest s--t for no reason whatsoever. It was fantastic.

WrestlingINC: When Smackdown started, it seemed like there was a real concerted effort to keep the brands equal in terms of star power and with big segments. Then, around the time that Brock Lesnar left, it seemed like they made a deliberate push to make Smackdown the B brand.

Greenfield: If you were to ask Vince or Steph right now, they would probably give you the same answer they gave us at the time. Both Dave Lagana and I at times when they raided us for talent, would say, 'We're always going to be the B show if you treat us like the farm team. Don't you want us to pull more eye balls?' And I think, to some degree, that's not the case.

I think they do, for whatever weird reason -- several times back when I was there, Smackdown drew bigger audiences. Bigger live audiences than Raw drew. Almost immediately when that happens, all of a sudden, talent gets raided and it really does feel like you're working for the triple A team for Raw. You build a guy, you get him over and then he goes to Raw.

WrestlingINC: It makes no sense. Because of that, they couldn't do the separate brand pay-per-views anymore. The adverse effects of doing that...

Greenfield: I don't think there should be two brands and what I recommended when I was there -- and I caught a wrath of s--t for this -- I recommended that Kevin Dunn not be the executive producer of Smackdown and get one of our directors to do it. This way it would really feel like a different show and you don't have guys popping up on each others show without it really mattering.

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