Former WWE Writer Talks Mysterio Buried As Champion, Guerrero's Death Being Exploited, Savage & More

It seems like such a simple thing to me but they've never quite gotten how to have two brands right. They get nervous if their rating drops half a point for Raw and then half the guys from Smackdown have to come on (to Raw).

WrestlingINC: Does it seem odd to you to still have two world champions and an Intercontinental and a U.S. champion? There not really separate brands anymore. They have guys showing up on Smackdown for no real reason.

Greenfield: Why was Chris Jericho there on Friday? I enjoyed that match a lot. I don't understand why he was there.

WrestlingINC: Right. It just doesn't seem like it's worth trying to put on this face of still trying to do a brand extension.

Greenfield: I believe it has to do with the house show financial model that allows you to have Smackdown-branded shows and Raw-branded shows simultaneously in different cities. We argued for unification of the championships when I was there and I would assume that every generation with some new kid that isn't aware of the situation would say the obvious. 'Why do we have two championships? Doesn't that minimize both?' And I'm sure Vince says, 'No, God damn it. Two brands. Two champions.'

WrestlingINC: Even with new fans watching, it can be confusing trying to explain that to them. Especially with both champions appearing on the same show.

Greenfield: Look, I can watch Daniel Bryan and C.M. Punk go for many more matches. I want an Iron Man match, damn it. Yeah, but two world champions facing each other three weeks in a row seems to be throwing away good money.

WrestlingINC: It just shows were titles are at nowadays. Because that would have been a pay-per-view main event ten years ago.

Greenfield: Were it me -- and we're just totally in the fantasy booking phase. In the period where there was Mark Henry and C.M. Punk as champions -- and I'm not taking anything away from Daniel Bryan -- it really felt like a real parody of championships. Mark had such a dominating run and we were so behind Punk. Think just in terms of alternative booking. I could totally imagine a scenario where they could have been doing a unification match at WrestleMania. Or, wait until SummerSlam.

I think that's a match that would have drawn but it would have to be booked right. with two, dominant, good champions. [laughs] That would have been awesome.

WrestlingINC: Now, Mark Henry's back to losing all the time.

Greenfield: Yeah, it really bugs me. I kind of have the feeling that I suspect Punk will retain at WrestleMania and I would not be at all surprised if Mark Henry would be a long-term presence. Because they did a little taste of the match back in November. You could see in terms of the big-man-little-man dynamic, they could do just an awesome man vs. monster match. So, I'm hoping they're going to rebuild Henry and get him there.

WrestlingINC: I think one of the problems that we hear about a lot from readers on the site is that they'll start getting behind somebody like Mark Henry or so many other guys that have been pushed in the past and then the wrestler's legs are pulled out from under him. It makes it hard to believe when someone's given a push it seems like it's almost always taken away right away.

Greenfield: From what I understand, Mark got hurt so they needed to take the title off of him because he needed time to recover. Then let him go and take time to recover. Don't have him going out every week and being beaten to get guys over.

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