Former WWE Writer Talks Mysterio Buried As Champion, Guerrero's Death Being Exploited, Savage & More

Mark had just gotten over as the unstoppable monster as it was. He got through the program with Orton and then he got hurt. You could have easily got him out and had him come back like a house of fire at WrestleMania. You could have done any number of things. But, no. You had to go completely tear the guy down and now -- if you are rebuilding him -- you're starting from a much lower place then if he just lost the title to Daniel Bryan, disappeared for three months and now he's back and killing people.

I just think they've done a terrible disservice to a guy who drew almost half a million new viewers to Smackdown! during a traditionally down period in the fall.

WrestlingINC: It was interesting seeing how much ratings jumped he was champion.

Greenfield: Yeah. In a very demonstrative, measurable way. There was nothing else going on.

WrestlingINC: Were you ever told not to pitch ideas in regards to Randy Savage?

Greenfield: I actually did (pitch Randy Savage ideas). I was never told [not to do that] in so many words. I had no clue. I've heard all the same stories, none of which I will repeat. I have no clue and I know there are a ton of mutually exclusive stories which makes me think. Urban legend. But, when we were talking about Hall of Fame for WrestleMania 22, we were all asked to write lists and I absolutely put Savage on that list.

Nobody said anything about it but it was surely made plain, 'No.' It was just a flat no. Then, I can't remember who it was, maybe it was Hayes. He said, 'Yeah. Next year, don't do that.'

WrestlingINC: When you became head writer for Smackdown, you said that you didn't last that long because you basically wanted out.

Greenfield: Yeah. At the end of the day, for me, it came down to a life's-too-short kind of deal. I was fighting with Vince over creative every single day. We would literally be having arguments on the phone at two in the morning. Went away on my honeymoon. Had a great, great time with my wife, breathing in fresh air and not stressing about work.

I mean, thinking about it now, I had another gig at the time. Would I have quit if I didn't have another gig? That's a funny question because I can't really honestly answer it. It was just time for me to go. I just got to saying life's too short to just feel stressed every single day.

WrestlingINC: We had heard at the time that the McMahon's weren't happy with you leaving. Is that accurate?

Greenfield: They're pretty used to the ones that say "future endeavored'. To their credit, they would have loved to have changed my mind but my mind was pretty well made up. My best two weeks working with Vince were my last two weeks after I'd given notice. [laughs]

Then he was showing me what life would be like if I stayed, still wanting me to change my mind. He approved everything. He thought everything I was writing was golden. Granted, everything had changed by the pay-per-view, No Mercy. What are you going to do?

WrestlingINC: So, what have you been doing since leaving WWE?

Greenfield: I've wrote that movie for SpikeTV; Street Warrior. I've written a bunch of TV movies. I did a mini-series for NBC called Meteor. A movie for the Hallmark channel called Jack's Family Adventure. I've sort of been all over the place.

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