Former WWE Writer Talks Mysterio Buried As Champion, Guerrero's Death Being Exploited, Savage & More

More recently, I did a movie for Amazon Studios, for's new movie division that they funded. My writing partner and I have a new script that we're in pre-production on. A little independent horror movie that I think people are going to pretty much dig. And, I Tweet about wrestling a lot. [laughs] @AlexDGreenfield.

WrestlingINC: I've noticed that. It's interesting because most of the former creative writers want nothing to do with the product anymore but it seems like you stay on top of it.

Greenfield: I'm a huge wrestling fan, man. It's funny because I wasn't for about two years after I left the company because I was so burned out on it. But, starting with the Nexus thing, I started to get more and more into it. I've been, more or less, a weekly viewer since Punk did the amazing promo over the summer. It's hit or miss, but the Twitter experience itself -- just exchanging witty barbs about the product with other fans is pretty fun.

WrestlingINC: I agree. Being on Twitter, just communicating during the show makes it a lot of fun.

Greenfield: It's like there's a whole second layer to the experience. So, it's kind of cool.

WrestlingINC: Awesome. So, anything you'd like to plug.

Greenfield: Not really. Unless you know anyone at Warner Bros. where I'm pitching a product, I got nothing for you. [laughs]

WrestlingINC: [laughs] Thanks a lot, Alex. I really appreciate it.

Greenfield: Not a problem, Raj. It was fun.

Click here for part one of our interview with Greenfield, where Greenfield talks about how he got the job with WWE, his thoughts on Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, backstage rituals, almost getting into a fist-fight with Michael Hayes and much more.

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