Source: World Wrestling Insanity

Dwayne "Sarge" Bruce recently appeared on World Wrestling Insanity and responded to Dave Batista saying in his book that during his WCW tryout, Sarge worked him out until he vomited, told him he'd never become a wrestler, and had a "Napoleon Complex."

"It just went along with the training... I told everybody at every tryout that they would never be a wrestler," said Bruce. "Listen, if I can tell anybody anything to get a little more out of them, and believe me, I've evaluated every person that tried out. What their strong points were, what were their weak points, what we had to work on - throughout the tryout, I did that every night. They talk about squats and all that, but listen brother, I did that with them.

"I lead by example and, the thing is with Batista, I don't really remember him trying out. That's how much he stuck in my mind from the tryout. Yeah, I guess I did tell him he was never gonna make it and all that and whatever. But maybe he's blessed that he didn't make it through the Power Plant. I think he turned out OK… You've got to be mentally tough. You've got to be physically tough. If you're not mentally tough, it's so easy to get led astray. That's another reason why the Power Plant was so hard…I guess I told him all those things. But you're supposed to be smart enough that by the time you made it through and you're making the kind of money that he was making, at the time (he wrote his book), I guess he should have gotten it. But some people never get it."

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