Former WWE Superstar Chris Masters appeared on This Very Ring with Stan Grubb and Mike Prunka (audio available at Highlights are as follows:

His involvement with Ring Ka King: Dave Lagana reached out to contact me. He told me they're starting a new promotion in India. It would be affiliated with TNA and funded, I believe, by TNA. They would air on the #1 network in India and it was just a great opportunity. The main objective was to bring out some American wrestling stars to work with some of the Indian guys, many of whom are pretty green. A lot of them are only two or three months into their training. They kind of hand-picked everybody to come and work with these guys and have, at least, passable, if not good matches. It turned out pretty well; we have a great set, a great group of guys, and we've produced some great TV.

His second WWE run: I was in a bad place in my life after I was released from WWE the first time. I kind of knew in the back of my mind that I would reconcile with the WWE and return, which I did. It quickly became apparent that they didn't have any intent of using me. So I just worked because, well I wanted that spot but, if nothing else, I wanted to prove the critics wrong. I didn't want to be perceived as the body guy. I wanted to be known as a great wrestler. In 2010 and 2011 I had no distractions in my career and everything was coming together. The company was reaching out to me and Hunter had pulled me aside and told me he liked what I was doing, which is why my last release came as a surprise.

His "Masters to Impact" campaign: I wasn't really given a fair shake in WWE. For those of you that watch Superstars, you know that I can contribute to the game. I'm 29 years old and at the peak of my career. Going to Impact won't turn things around right away, the ratings won't overtake Raw or anything. But I do think I have a lot to contribute. So I figured it's time to campaign. It's 2012! MTI! Get the word out. Grassroots effort. I know a lot of things need to happen and that campaigns aren't won overnight. TNA has a lot going on and a lot of guys that already aren't being used but I really think there's a lot I can contribute. I just need a place to go out and do it."

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