The show begins as Hunico makes his way to the ring. He says something in Spanish, then he says he won't translate. He says he and Camacho are taking over; he almost flubs the show's name.

Hunico w/ Camacho vs. Derrick Bateman w/ Kaitlyn

Hunico and Bateman go back and forth. Hunico hits a beautiful suplex. They both crash together with a double cross-body.



Hunico is in control; the men trade chops in the corner. Hunico rips his shirt and attempts something off the top but Bateman scouts it and counters with a dropkick. Bateman hits a nice combination of moves. Bateman flies through the ropes and takes out Camacho on the outside. Hunico catches him with an Angle Slam for the pin.

Winner by pin: Hunico

Camacho comes in to celebrate with Hunico who steps on and over Bateman; then Hunico throws his shirt at Bateman.


Rock/Cena: "Once in a Lifetime"

HHH/Undertaker Video Package

CM Punk/Chris Jericho Video Package

Backstage, Maxine is on the phone talking about underwear. Johnny Curtis shows up and asks if she got the goods on Regal. She says he's into some freaky stuff. Curtis says 'weird' in an ironic way. She tells him they need to find Striker. Percy Watson and A-Ry show up and they have an exchange with Maxine. A-Ry tells Curtis to put on a shirt. Maxine and Curtis keep walking and they walk into a conversation between Tyson Kidd and Natalya. Natalya insults Maxine and she and Kidd leave.

Justin Gabriel is next on the safari, then Titus O'Neil and Darren Young. Maxine and Curtis hide behind some equipment while Young shows O'Neil a coconut tree—a large pottery piece—he wants to give to Tamina. O'Neil gives him advice on women. Maxine confronts O'Neil. Craziness ensues; O'Neil and Young leave.
Maxine gets a text from the kidnappers: after WrestleMania they will give Striker back if they get what they want.



WrestleMania Divas Match Video Package

Titus O'Neil w/ Darren Young vs. Jey Uso w/ Jimmy Uso

Young and Jimmy join commentary. Jey goes to the top but O'Neil escapes to the outside.



Jey hits a nice cross-body off the top. O'Neil retaliates. Jey big-back-body-drops O'Neil. Regal tells Jimmy that Samoans are a 'race of supermen.' Jey calls for an 'Uso' chant and delivers a running Stinkface to O'Neil. Regal tells Jimmy he's had his head buried up Jimmy's dad's crevice so many times he wouldn't believe it. Jey goes for a flying splash but O'Neil gets his knees up. O'Neil hits a sit-down spinebuster for the pin.

Winner by pin: Titus O'Neil

Tamina comes out to check on Jey; she looks on, disapprovingly, at Young and O'Neil.

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