* Bobby Roode comes out and he's surrounded by security. He rips into Dixie Carter and Sting before talking about Lockdown, guaranteeing a win over James Storm. Storm comes out but the security stops him from attacking Roode. Bully Ray comes from behind and lays out Storm. Ray and Roode vs. Storm is made for later tonight.

* Matt Morgan and Crimson brawled all the way to the back.

* Velvet Sky beat Madison Rayne. Velvet cut a promo after the match and says she's coming for Gail Kim's Knockouts Title.

* Austin Aries comes out and talks about Bully Ray stopping the X Division match last week. Aries is put in the match with Storm vs. Ray and Roode later tonight.

* Mr. Anderson beat Jeff Hardy after interference from Kurt Angle.

* Eric Bischoff calls out his son Garett and they talk. Gunner vs. Garett is on for Lockdown.

* James Storm and Austin Aries beat Bobby Roode and Bully Ray. The end came when Roode drank some of Storm's beer and accidentally spit it in Ray's face. Storm hit Last Call for the win.

* Dixie Carter calls out Hulk Hogan to end the show. Dixie talks about the new authority role and how she wants Hogan to take it since Sting stepped down. Hogan doesn't seem interested and out comes Sting with some of the TNA babyface wrestlers. Sting puts over Hogan and talks him into accepting the job. Hogan is the new man in charge in TNA.

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