-- TMZ has an article about Kurt Angle looking to hunt down a scammer from the Dominion Republic who convinced his 80-year-old mother to send $4,000. According to the report, the scammer claimed that her grandson was in a local jail and demanded $4,000 or threatened "severe consequences." After sending the money, she received another call demanding another $4,000, which was when she contacted Kurt.

"I'm gonna find the son of a b---h who did this to my mom," said Kurt. "I don't want this happening to anyone else!"

As it turns out, her grandson is fine and he hasn't even been to the Dominican Republic in over a year. Kurt believes that there is an accomplice working for the scammer in the Pittsburgh area since they knew about his family and his mother's unlisted phone number. You can check out the full article at this link.

-- TNA sent out a press release this week hyping the debut of the music video for James Storm's entrance theme, "Longnecks and Rednecks," on Impact tonight. The video features Montgomery Gentry, Cowboy Troy and Sean Patrick McGraw, is performed by TNA Knockout Music Vice President Serg Salinas and is written by Salinas and Dale Oliver for Knockout Music Publishing. "We had a great time making the video and are excited about the cross promotion we are doing with each others fans," said Storm. "This is a lot of fun."

-- Speaking of Impact, here is the official preview for tonight's episode:

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