Welcome to the Superstars Recap for March 29, 2012. We are 3 days away from
WrestleMania 28.

Alex Riley vs. Heath Slater

A-Ry and Slater put together some nice back and forth action. A-Ry gets the early advantage but Slater catches him with a drop toe hold on the bottom rope. Slater works the neck with a long reverse chin lock. A-Ry works his way up but Slater hits a nice neck breaker. A-Ry mounts a comeback; he hits a spinebuster. A-Ry hits a front face slam—the A-Bomb—off the second turnbuckle then goes for the pin but Slater kicks out. A-Ry hoists Slater up for the Final Score but Slater wiggles his way out and hits what Scott Stanford called a spinning neck breaker, but it was more of a flying double axe-handle to the face.

Winner by pin: Heath Slater

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Justin Gabriel vs. Tyson Kidd

These two are so evenly matched, and so good. They go to the outside; Kidd slams the back of Gabriel's head into the security wall. Kidd springboards off the top for a front dropkick to Gabriel. Kidd hits a neck-breaker and immediately flips on top of Gabriel for a near-fall. Kidd attempts a hurricanrana but Gabriel catches him in mid-air and drops him in a sit-down powerbomb. Kidd kicks out. Gabriel springboards off the top and moonsaults but Kidd moves and Gabriel falls flat on his belly. Kidd capitalizes with a spinning kick to the chin but Gabriel kicks out. Kidd goes for a Sharpshooter, Gabriel rolls him up, but Kidd kicks out. On the apron, Kidd leaps over the top rope only to be caught by Gabriel in a powerbomb fashion; Gabriel falls on top and holds him down for the win.

Winner by pin: Justin Gabriel

Gabriel bleeds from the mouth. Kidd puts his hand out, Gabriel shakes it. Kidd raises Gabriel's hand and leaves.

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