Impact Results: Did Hogan Accept GM Role?, Roode/Bully Vs. Storm/Aries, Sound Off With Your Thoughts

Impact Results: Did Hogan Accept GM Role?, Roode/Bully Vs. Storm/Aries, Sound Off With Your Thoughts
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We begin tonight with a recap of the Bobby Roode/Sting situation. Will Hogan accept the GM position?

Earlier in the day: Dixie Carter says she gave Hogan a week to think about it and we will all find out later.

Roode comes to the ring with armed police and a sea of boos.

Roode tells everyone who wants him fired to kiss his a**. Roode tells Sting he won the fight and the war after Sting stepped down. Roode tells Dixie to stay out of his business. The crowd chants for her. Roode says like his lawyer said: his only obligation is at Lockdown. He tells Storm that the cops are for Storm's protection.

Storm's music hits.

Bobby stands behind a line of cops in the ring. Storm calls them mall cops and says he's not there to steal a shirt; he's there to beat up Roode.

Bully Ray comes in and hits Storm from behind. Roode cheers him on. Storm hits Bully to the outside and tries a Last Call on Roode but he escapes behind the cops to the outside and up the ramp. Storm challenges both men to a match later, which they accept.

In the locker room: Gail Kim gives Madison Rayne a crown to make up for the past few weeks. She calls her a queen. They hug and say "I love you."

Velvet vs. Madison is next.


Velvet Skye vs. Madison Rayne

Madison immediately attacks Velvet. She chokes Velvet out on the bottom rope; Madison waves to the crowd. Velvet mounts a comeback. She does a sit-down drop kick to Madison. Madison takes control and gives Velvet a face-plant. Velvet hit couple of European uppercuts, ducks under a clothesline attempt by Madison, and delivers her own spear/clothesline. Velvet hits a modified bulldog, then a sit-down face-plant—In Your Face, according to Taz.

Winner by pin: Velvet Skye

Velvet tells Gail Kim she's coming for her and the title.

Hogan/Dixie footage is next.


Bully is in a room with Roode. He is telling Roode they need to take of Storm tonight. Roode offers his hand; Bully says "that's stupid." Roode offers a hug as Bully leaves.

Earlier in the day: Hogan and Dixie are at a park sitting on a bench. Hogan takes responsibility for the past couple of years with Bischoff. Dixie says she needs the true Hogan. Hogan thinks he's had his day. He says Sting is her best shot. Dixie says Sting doesn't want it and begs him to do it. Hogan says he'll think about it. She invites him to the arena tonight. He says he'll have an answer.

Crimson and Matt Morgan's problems are recapped. Their match is next.


Kurt Angle is in the locker room. He says he won't give Hardy a rematch because he's a crybaby. He tells Hardy if he beats Anderson tonight he'll get his match.

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