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Austin Aries interrupts Hemme's introduction of the next match. He says he's got a problem with Bully Ray and says his balls are as big as Bully's cavs. Aries offers to be Storm's partner tonight.


The match is already in progress as Morgan and Crimson fight on the ramp.

Matt Morgan vs. Crimson

Morgan repeatedly punches Crimson in the ring. He gives Crimson a Stinger Splash then clotheslines him out of the ring; Crimson pulls him out too. They roll back in and Crimson gets a near-fall. Crimson hits a spinebuster then a swinging neck breaker. Morgan dodges a shoulder block and Crimson goes shoulder first to the pole. Morgan hits a series of clotheslines then a sidewalk slam. Morgan decimates him on the outside including a back body-drop on the ramp. Both men are counted out.

Double Count-Out

The men battle to the back.


Joseph Park introduces himself to the production staff. They haven't seen Abyss. Park leaves his card.

James Storm's music video premieres tonight.

Mr. Anderson vs. Jeff Hardy

Hardy and Anderson trade arm-bars. Anderson hits a drop toe hold. Anderson has a shiner under his left eye. Anderson bumps around for Hardy. Anderson front-slams him. Anderson goes for the Mic-Check but Hardy counters with a Twist of Fate attempt. They bump heads and Hardy falls to the outside. Angle comes to ringside with a low-blow to Hardy and then sends him into the pole and rolls him back in. Anderson hits the Mic-Check for the win.

Winner by pin: Mr. Anderson

Kurt Angles laughs his way up the ramp.

James Storm "Longnecks & Rednecks" music video


Eric Young and ODB are planning their wedding with a wedding planner. ODB tells Young he's not going to wear a dress, she is. ODB loses her patience with the wedding planner and kicks her out. She tells Young they're getting married in a steel cage.

Eric Bischoff comes to the ring.

Bischoff says he has the power to do what he wants. He invites his son to the ring.

Garett comes to the ring.

Bischoff gives him an opportunity to leave and get on with his life or get hurt. Bischoff wants Garett to face Gunner in a steel cage at Lockdown unless he leaves right now.
Garett tells him he's not going anywhere. He tells Gunner to be ready. Garett shoves the mic in his dad's chest and leaves.


Video Package: James Storm is in the woods training for his match with Roode at Lockdown. He talks about the history of Beer Money. He says he will win the title.

Hogan arrives in a limo.

Cavzilla makes his way to the ring. Roode is introduced, sans police protection. Hemme announces Aries and Storm, respectively.

Bully Ray & Bobby Roode vs. Austin Aries & James Storm

Aries starts off with Bully. Bully verbally berates Aries then tags Roode. Aries shows his athleticism as he out-wrestles Roode.


Aries puts on a clinic against Bully and lounges on the top rope. Aries hits 10 consecutive elbows to Bully on the second turnbuckle. Bully catches him with a big boot. Roode tags in and continues to put the boots to Aries. Roode taunts Storm; Bully chokes Aries behind the ref's back.

Aries hits dropkick to Bully from the top. He tags Storm who manhandles Bully then brings Roode in the ring who begs off. Bully attacks Storm from behind. Roode takes a swig of Storm's beer and goes to spit it Storm's face, but Storm ducks and Roode gets Bully instead. Storm hits the Last Call on Bully for the win.

Winners by pin: Aries & Storm

Hogan makes his way to the arena.


Dixie is in the ring and introduces Hogan. Dixie says she believes in Hogan and she wants a decision. He says he has closed the book on this part of his life.

Sting's music hits.

Sting comes out with members of the babyface locker room in tow. Sting tells Hogan he knows Hogan won't deny all these people; the fans chant for Hogan. Hogan asks if this will be a clean-slate situation. He asks Sting if he'll watch his back. Sting says yes, but asks Hogan if he'll take the reins. Hogan accepts. Hogan and Dixie embrace; the other wrestlers congratulate him.

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