"Diamond" Dallas Page joined The Rack, hosted by Lindsey Ward and Jackie Fiest, last night to talk about DDP Yoga, his career and so much more. Here are some of the highlights:

The Rock vs. John Cena feud: "I think both of these guys were shootin' on Monday. 'I have to win,' don't you think those guys really believe that. I was backstage (on Monday), everyone said over this entire run, 'I don't know if (John) Cena and Rock are best friends somewhere, but I don't think so.' They are sure playing like they aren't best friends, as they never talk... they are in their own little world when it comes to that. To me, The Rock doesn't need to win. The Rock has lost lots of matches and has stayed over strong, just like Jake Roberts, Scott Hall or even me. Even in defeat we have stayed over. The Rock never had to win, he just needed to entertain. Unless The Rock is coming back next year, I can't imagine John Cena not winning."

People saying going to WWE ruined his Career: "My career was stellar man, no one did what I did. I say to people, 'what team did Michael Jordan play for, the Bulls or the Wizards?' and everyone goes, 'The Bulls.' My career was all WCW. Coming in to WWE, my one real goal was to work a Wrestlemania, as there is nothing like it, especially wrestling in front of 68,000 people in Canada. It was amazing."

Working with "Macho Man" Randy Savage: "It was me, Randy and Arn Anderson - who was an agent at the time - in the locker room. Back then no one told Randy here is what you are going to do tonight, they went, 'so Randy, what do you want to do tonight?' He was like Hulk, he had total creative control... and he looked up and said, 'tonight I want to take a Diamond Cutter.' Me and Arn just looked at each other and Arn said to me, 'do you realize what kind of honor this is?' And I was like, 'yeah Arn, I do.' So we went out there and tore it down. Randy whooped my ass, he got some awesome heat on me, the crowd was chanting 'DDP' and he kept shutting me down. He went to slam me and I turned it to a Diamond Cutter and I thought the roof exploded, the people were going crazy! We were both laying there, I crawl over and put my arm on his chest and the crowd chanted along with the count. With everyone cheering, I hear him crystal clear go, 'looks like we got our finish to Spring Stampede.'"

Diamond Dallas Page also spoke in-depth about his DDP Yoga program, his thoughts on wrestling Christian at Wrestlemania 18, The Undertaker, CM Punk's recent comments about his yoga and more, you can check it out by clicking here. You can also log on to www.ddpyoga.com to purchase a copy of DDP Yoga.

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