-- The Chad Dukes Show has an interview with John Cena promoting his match with The Rock this Sunday. During the appearance, Cena talked about calling The Rock out on RAW for having wrist notes during his promo.

"That was something I saw right there. I wouldn't have even said anything if I didn't see it," said Cena. "When I watch TV and I'm in the 'Gorilla Position,' which is right before you go through the curtain, and they have a TV there… I couldn't believe it. Once I saw it the words became bigger and larger and his body was covered in words. It was like, I couldn't ignore it. It became like the giant mole on the face. I had to."

Cena also talked more about his problems with The Rock while admitting that Rock "is the greatest performer in WWE history by a wide margin" and much more, you can check it out by clicking here.

-- In case you haven't gotten enough of the Rock - Cena trash talk, WWE posted this video today of Rock and Cena hyping Sunday's mega-match:

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