ROH 'Showdown In The Sun' Results: New # 1 Contender Named, Steen Vs. Generico Surprise Interference

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Winner: Adam Cole

Both men shake hands after the match.

The Young Bucks won a coin flip to decide that the stipulation for the following match will be a Tornado match.

The Young Bucks vs. The All Night Express

The men pair off. Nick thrown outside and the Express double team Matt early on. Express end up in the ring by themselves. Both Express dive over the top rope and take out both of the Bucks. The Bucks get the advantage on Rhett and hit with an elbow to the face and an enziguri to the back of the head. Nick Jackson climbs to the top only to be thrown off the top by King.

King with a spinebuster and kickout by Matt. Bucks throw Titus to the outside and double team King. The Bucks hit him with a double team manuever. Matt takes out Titus with a dive to the outside. King takes out Matt with a big kick to the back of the head. Nick slows King with a kick to the gut. Titus comes back in and hits a double clothesline on the bucks.

King hits an overhead suplex on Matt, and Titus hits a Samoan drop on Nick. Pin attempt broken up by Matt. Nick and Matt recover to hit double superkicks on King and then each hit a 450 splash on their opponents. Double covers by the Bucks and kickouts by the Express. Titus sneaks up on Matt and gets a roll-up for the win.

Winners: The All Night Express

After the match Nick Jackson hit Rhett with a chairshot to the knee. Titus fights off help and walks out on his own.

The Embassy makes their way out to the ring. R.D. Evans informs the crowd that ROH is telling them that they have to return the ROH TV Championship within the next 24 hours or face suspension. They don't have the built on them though.

ROH Television Championship Match
Jay Lethal (c) vs. Kyle O'Reilly

Fifteen minute time limit will apply to this championship match. Tommaso Ciampa of the Embassy comes out to ringside and slams a chair into the guard rail. Match starts with both men tieing up and no one getting a clear advantage. "Let's Go Lethal" and "O'Reilly" chants go back and forth. O'Reilly takes Lethal down with a wristlock but Lethal immediately reverses it. O'Reilly slaps Lethal directly to the face but Lethal hits him with a kick to the midsection.

Lethal takes control and hits a backbreaker combo into a submission hold. O'Reilly reaches the ropes. O'Reilly hits a big knee to the midsection of Lethal and follows up with a backbreaker/gutbuster combo. O'Reilly goes for an abdominal strectch which is reversed into a pin attempt by Lethal. Lethal dropkicks O'Reilly who is on the ring apron. Lethal jumps onto a stage by ringside and is eventually legsweeped by O'Reilly. O'Reilly sends Lethal back into the ring.

O'Reilly applies an octopus varation into a pin attempt, Lethal kicks out. O'Reilly controls Lethal and attempts multiple chokes. Lethal reversed it to a Lethal Injection. Lethal and O'Reilly make it up to their fight and trade strikes. O'Reilly with a dropkick and then takes Lethal to the top rope. O'Reilly hits a huge belly-to-back suplex. Lethal kicks out of a pin attempt.

O'Reilly taunts Lethal. Lethal gets hit with multiple strikes until he counters into a Lethal Injection for the win.

Winner & Still ROH Television Champion: Jay Lethal

Lethal and Ciampa have a long staredown with each other. Lethal invites Ciampa into the ring but Ciampa leaves.

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