ROH 'Showdown In The Sun' Results: New # 1 Contender Named, Steen Vs. Generico Surprise Interference

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Winner: Mike Bennett

After the match Bennett gets back in the ring and shakes Storm's hand only to hit him with a Box Office Smash leaving Storm laid out in the ring.

Last Man Standing Match
Kevin Steen vs. El Generico

El generico quickly jumps Steen, followed by a dive to the outside. Chants of "Ole" throughout the building. Generico attacks Steen with a chair and then continues to attack him by throwing him into the ringpost. Steen chokes Generico with a Canadian flag. Generico starts throwing a number of chairs in the ring. Steen hit in the head with an extra turnbuckle that was found by Generico under the ring.

Generico throws Steen into the barricade head first. Both men are now back in the ring. Generico hits turnbuckle punches on Steen until he collapses. Count begins for Steen but he makes it up to his feet at five. Generico gets hit with an Ace Crusher as he was attempting a dive into the ring. Steen hits a rising Generico with a huge chairshot to the back. Generico is hit with a codebreaker through a chair followed up by a standing moonsault legdrop also through the chair. Generico barely makes the count as Steen sets up a chair in the middle of the ring.

Steen hits a roll into Generico who is in the corner with a chair on him. Steen sits in a chair while Generico struggles to get up. Generico gets up and both men trade forearms. Steen thrown over the top to the outside. Generico is taken to the outside by his feet and hit with a powerbomb onto the ring apron. Steen gets into it with some fans at ringside who are trying to help Generico up. Ringside attendent is hit with a kick from Steen which allows Generico to gain control off the distraction. Both men on the stage amongst the fans. Steen hit with a huge driver to the stage. Steen answers the ten count by rolling off the stage onto his feet.

Generico dove directly over the announce position and hit Steen. Generico followed it up by hitting a huge DDT off the railing. Big front kick to Steen but he leans over the apron to break the count. Generico gets a table out from under the ring. Steen throws Generico into the ringpost, lays him on the table and runs into the ring, dives over the top rope through the table. Steen and Generico both answer the ten count. Steen sets up chairs in the middle of the ring. Generico reverses a piledriver attempt into a suplex to Steen through the chairs. Steen barely answers the ten count. Generico attempted a brainbuster to Steen but was reversed into a driver through the chair. Generico answers the ten count.

Generico who is laid out with a chair on top of him gets up quick and hits Steen with a kick off of the top turnbuckle and knocks him through a ringside table. "YES" chants throughout the crowd. Both men in the ring and they exchange blows until Steen flips off Generico. Generico returns the favor and gets his fingers beaten. Generico hits a brainbuster to Steen in the middle of the ring. Both men recover with the aid of chairs. Generico and Steen slam the chairs off of each other only for Steen to be hit with a low blow. Jimmy Jacobs is out to the ring to stop the chair shot by Steen. Jacobs grabs a chair and hands it to Generico, while Generico winds up to hit Steen, Jacobs grabs a spike from inside his jacket and jabs Generico in the eye and then Steen gets him to hit Generico with a chairshot to end the match to allow Steen to pick up the victory.

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