ROH 'Showdown In The Sun' Results: New # 1 Contender Named, Steen Vs. Generico Surprise Interference

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Winner: Kevin Steen

Jacobs and Steen celebrate in the ring together. The old Jimmy Jacobs is back to his evil ways. Generico walks to the back with help from referees.

Roderick Strong out first with Truth Martini to mild applause.

Eddie Edwards is out next to a decent pop from the crowd.

ROH Champion Davey Richards comes out wearing his ROH World title and his IWGP Junior Heavyweight tag title.

ROH World Championship Triple Threat Elimination Match
Davey Richards (c) vs. Eddie Edwards vs. Roderick Strong

Eddie is the fan favorite amongst the crowd. The code of honor is observed by all three men. Roderick gets an early upperhand with quick strikes on both Rickhards and Edwards. Strong sent to the outside, Edwards and Richards trade strikes of all kinds to each other. Edwards gets the upperhand with a leg lariat. Strong back in and Edwards sends him right back out. Richards hits Edwards with a dropkick as the pace finally slows.

Strong back in to break up a submission attempt by Richards to Edwards. Strong kicks both Richards and Edwards in opposite corners. Edwards and Strong trade chops. Strong and Edwards both chop Richards. Richards rolls up Edwards and hits Strong with a suplex for a double pin attempt. Richards and Edwards now trade huge strikes in the middle of the ring. Richards hits repeated kicks to the head of Edwards. All three men in the middle of the ring using different strikes to each other.

Strong gets out of the way of a kick and gains control. Strong hits Richards with a Gibson driver but a kickout by Richards. Edwards hits a backpack driver onto Strong but a kickout by Strong at two. Richards counters a double knee gutbuster into a ankle lock on Strong and then he turns it into a trailor hitch. Edwards boots Richards while he still holds on to the hold. Richards is able to trap both men in leg locks at the same time and both men make it to the ropes. Edwards hits Strong with an enziguri on the apron only to get side suplexed onto the ring apron. Richards dives to the outside and takes out Strong.

Edwards hits a springboard moonsault to his opponents on the outside. Edwards throws Strong in the ring. Edwards gets suplexed off the top rope by Richards and it is turned into a ankle lock but Strong gets in to put a Stronghold on Richards. Strong and Edwards trade blows in the middle of the ring. Ending with a huge kick from Strong to Edwards followed by a pin and a kick out by Edwards. Strong and Edwards are on one turnbuckle. Strong gets thrown down, gets doubled stomped by Richards and then slammed by Edwards. Strong gets a codebreaker from Richards. Michael Elgin comes down to ringside. Martini gets involved and distracts Edwards enough to get pinned by Strong.

Eddie Edwards has been eliminated.

Strong places Richards on the top rope. Richards fights out and hits back to back double stomps onto Strong. Followed up by a Gibson driver. Richards finally puts Strong away with two kicks to the head.

Winner & still ROH World Champion: Davey Richards

Elgin hits Richards with a huge powerbomb. Martini gets on the mic and claims that he will have a new ROH World Champion in Michael Elgin after tommorrow. The show ends with a Richards and Elgin looking into each others eyes.

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