ROH 'Showdown In The Sun' Results: New # 1 Contender Named, Steen Vs. Generico Surprise Interference

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Welcome to our live, match-by-match coverage of ROH Showdown In The Sun. We will have detailed match-by-match results here. You can also enter your comments during our coverage below.

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The ROH music plays and we are ready to begin the show. Kevin Kelly & Nigel McGuiness welcome us to the show. McGuiness pushes the difference between ROH wrestling and sportsentertainment. They go over the card.

Video package of TMDK earning their "Proving Grounds" match.

TMDK out to the ring to a nice reception.

The Briscoes are out next and the crowd gets loud for the ROH World Tag Team Champions.

"Proving Grounds Match"
TMDK (Shane Haste & Mike Nichols) vs. The Briscoes

Mark Briscoe starts off the match against Shane Haste. Haste and Mark trade early shots. Mark throws Haste to the outside and all four men get involved in throwing each other around at ringside. Nichols was suplexed by Jay on the outside. Mark hits a suplex on Haste on the inside. Pin and kickout by Haste. European upper cut by Jay. Tag to Mark. Haste fights back. Nichols trips Mark and Haste comes over the top rope and stomps on Mark's back.

Standing moonsault by Haste after Nichols is tagged in. Mark is doubled teamed in TMDK's corner. Crowd starts "Man Up" and "USA" chants. Nichols and Haste control Mark in their corner. Nichols grounds Mark. Low clothesline by Nichols and a pin. Kickout by Mark. Jay makes the tag and begins to hit Nichol's with repeated punches. All four men in the ring, double reverse of the Irish whip. Haste hits big dropkick on Jay, pin and a kickout.

Hot tag to Mark, crossbody off the top. Dropkick to Nichols followed up by a huge elbow drop. Pin by Mark and kickout by Nichols. Briscoes hit a doomsday device for the win.

Winners: The Briscoes

Jim Cornette in the middle of the ring and calls out NWA Champion Adam Pearce. Pearce comes out and talks about the match that he won over Adam Cole via a low blow and a piledriver at last night's NWA Ring Warriors event. Cole comes out and wants another opportunity at Pearce. Cole vs. Pearce is set and next.

Adam Cole vs. Adam Pearce (non-title)

Pearce takes early advantage, but is quickly thrown to the outside and Cole hits him with a dive through the ropes. Cole throws Pearce back in the ring "YES" chants reign out throughout the building. Pearce hits a huge side slam on Cole. Followed up by a huge backbody drop. Pin by Pearce and kickout by Cole. Pearce rakes the eyes of Cole. Leaping enziguri to change the moment by Cole from the outside to the inside of the ring. Cole misses crossbody.

Cole hits a superkick followed by a shining wizard. Pin and kickout by Pearce. Pearce attempts a piledriver reversed into a backbody drop by Cole and sits down on Pearce for the three count.

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