John Cena On Why He Doesn't Like The Rock, Mixed Crowd Reactions, 'Super Cena' Tag

Why he doesn't like The Rock: "There's no other reason needed. I am company-proud through the good times and bad. We've gone through some difficult times in the WWE, and I've been the guy on front street trying to mend fences and make sure everybody knows that we still got a great product. And even in good times, I'm the guy who says this is the best business in the world. There are a lot of those, this business is a lot about making me the biggest superstar that "me" can be. I guess I'm just too much of a company guy. The guy leaves and drops his name and drops the business, and tells everybody that he's done with it. Even up until before he came back last year to host Wrestlemania, he was very adamant about, No, I'm not going back there. Now he's back and the first thing he does when he say he's back is he's never leaving, he loves everybody, and then we lose him for another amount of time, and then he comes back again… I truly couldn't ask for a better opponent because he's the biggest superstar the WWE has ever had. I just disagree with the way he thinks.

"Cena-Lovers" vs. "Cena-Haters": "People who are vocal of their criticism, I get that. But at the same time, you can't argue with what the company is doing business-wise. I was the first to beat the drum of Guys, we may need to switch the content because I would watch the people coming into the building every night. Go to a live show, see the audience, tell me I'm wrong. I'm on top of this stuff. I'm the guy walking through Access at 5:50am to make sure the set-up's correct. I'm the guy who's in the crowd somewhere that you can't see when people file into the Garden for a live event. I'm on top of this, this is what I do. When I say I love the business, I don't just love hitting the ropes and falling down in the ring; that's beautiful. But I love the business, and I want it to be the best it can. I want it globally to be the biggest phenomenon it can. We just have to be here right now. And as frustrating as it is for some, I still think the program is unbelievably entertaining. We still have an unreal stable of superstars, and we're able to go more places and more people can enjoy it.

"It's almost like when a garage band makes it. There's those people who are like, Ah I wish they would be back to the garage band days! But then they go play sold-out stadiums and they're on the Top 40 charts. You have to adapt and overcome. It's just the way we have to be now."

The "Super Cena" moniker: "I've also lost a lot. And I think that's another thing that critics tend to savor their own flavor of soup. You can look at my win-loss record. It's as good as an average superstar. I mean, I've won a lot of marquee matches, but I've lost a lot of marquee matches. Who was in the main event last year at Wrestlemania?

Doug: You.

Cena: Against who?

Doug: The Miz.

Cena: Who won that match?

Doug: The Miz.

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