ROH 'Showdown In The Sun' Results: New Champion Crowned, Bonus Matches

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Welcome to our live, match-by-match coverage of ROH Showdown In The Sun. We will have detailed match-by-match results here. You can also enter your comments during our coverage below.

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The ROH music plays and the show begins. We are welcomed by Kevin Kelly & Nigel McGuinness. They hype the card that is still to come. Music plays and out comes Jimmy Jacobs.

Jacobs talks about his road to redemption and the fact that he has realized that being good isn't for him and that sometimes evil wins. El Generico's music hits.

Jimmy Jacobs vs. El Generico

El Generico brings a referee out with him and an impromptu match begins. Generico gets the early upperhand and hits a dive over the top on Jacobs who was thrown to the outside. Standing moonsault by Generico and cover, kick out by Jacobs. Generico attempts to walk the ropes but is pulled down onto them by Jacobs.

Jacobs hits a sliding dropkick to the outside, followed by an elbow drop to the floor. Both men get back inside and they trade punches until Jacobs rakes Generico's injured eye. Jacobs stomps on Generico in the middle of the ring. Jacobs controls Generico and hits a shoulder block in the corner. Cover by Jacobs and a kick out by Generico. "Little Jimmy" chants directed at Jimmy Jacobs.

Generico takes control with clotheslines and follows it up with a crossbody and then a blue thunder into a pin, kickout by Jacobs. Jacobs recovers and hits a tornado DDT on Generico. Jacobs bites Generico's fingers in the corner. Generico down in the ring, gets up as Jacobs is climbing the top rope. Both men on top and Generico gets pushed down. Both men in the ring and Jacobs catches Generico with a choke. Generico reaches the ropes with his foot.

Jacobs pulls the spike out but misses Generico who hits a half nelson suplex. Both men fight over the spike and Generico gets it. El Generico swings and misses with the spike and Jacobs uses the momentum to get a roll up and the win.

Winner: Jimmy Jacobs

"YES" chants are heard as Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness hype another bonus match between Cedric Alexander and Tommaso Ciampa.

Cedric Alexander (w/Caprice Coleman) vs. Tommaso Ciampa (w/The Embassy)

Ciampa who still has not returned Jay Lethal's ROH TV Championship to ROH gets the early upperhand by jumping Alexander as he climbs into the ring. Ciampa grabs a chair and sets it up outside the ring. Ciampa kicks a seated Alexander and sends him back into the ring. Ciampa stomps Alexander in the corner.

Alexander drops Ciampa face first off the ropes. Alexander hits a half nelson brainbuster on Ciampa with a cover, kickout by Ciampa. Alexander hits a running dropkick that knocks Ciampa to the outside. Both men outside and Ciampa gets suplexed into the guard rail. Alexander puts Ciampa back in the ring, went for the cover but a kickout by Ciampa. Ciampa sends Alexander into the bottom turnbuckle, pulls down his knee pad and he hits him with two huge knee strikes. Ciampa with the cover and the win.

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