- The Rock did a Q&A session on Twitter yesterday and was asked if he's nervous for WrestleMania 28 tonight: "Not nervous at all for WrestleMania. I've trained for a year for this one historic night. It's all about the fans."

- A ton of non-roster stars were present for the WWE Hall of Fame last night including Kevin Nash, Sean Waltman, Rhino, Tommy Dreamer, Jamie Noble, Diamond Dallas Page and others. John Cena was accompanied by Betty Skaaland, wife of the late Arnold Skaaland, but was boo'd as he took a seat.

- Last night's ceremony, hosted by Jerry Lawler, ran just around three-hours. The one-hour special will air on Monday night at 8pm EST before RAW.

- One of the most talked about moments from last night's ceremony was Ric Flair saying "I'd like to!" when the crowd chanted for him to "please come back."

- WWE posted footage of Rey Mysterio, Mick Foley, Dolph Ziggler and Alicia Fox at the WrestleMania 28 Reading Challenge Finals in Miami this week:

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