Re-Post: WrestleMania Pros Pick For Undertaker Vs. Triple H, The Rock Vs. John Cena

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Gary Spears (@_big_poppa, WSKS/WSKU-FM "KISS-FM"): "One last go around for both of these guys on the grandest stage of them all! This will be a brutally physical match inside the cell. But the question is: will 'Taker do the job after taking a year off? Will his last match end in a loss? The fact is Taker is one of the last 'Old School' guys and if he IS going to do the job in his last match, he'd do it to Triple H. Look for 'Taker to kick out of everything that Hunter can throw at him, and then Shawn Michaels getting involved to make sure the streak ends at the hands of his longtime friend." Winner: Triple H

Here are predictions for tonight's "Once In A Lifetime" main event match between The Rock and John Cena. Of the responses we received, eleven are predicting a Cena win while the remaining six, myself included, are picking The Rock.


Andrew Goldstein (@AngeGold, Former WWE writer): "[I] have to imagine Rock will throw everything at Cena, only to see him refuse to quit/keep kicking out to the point where Rock gets frustrated and does something heelish leading to Cena's comeback and a moment where the fans, young and old, collectively rally around Cena. This is a baton passing moment from Rock to Cena anointing him, once and for all THE GUY for the current generation. [I] have to believe Rock's job in this match is to destroy the division between the Cenation and the Cena haters. [I] wouldn't be surprised - but would be extremely disappointed - if The Miz gets involved in this match playing off his role from last year's 'Mania. Rock goes away after Sunday, but this could lead to a Cena/Miz post-Mania program. Winner: Cena"

Kian Terani ( writer): "This is a tough one. I honestly don't think even that THEY [WWE] have finalized this one yet. I would personally like to finally see Cena's heel turn--due to a Rock win OR Cena cheating to win--but that is not likely any time soon. That said, look for Cena to get a controversial but decisive pinfall on The Rock, and then Rocky getting his heat back with a beatdown on Cena for the hometown crowd." Winner: Cena

Stu Saks (@OfficialPWI, Pro Wrestling Illustrated editor): "Cena pins The Rock, the two glare at each other for a moment, and then Rock raises Cena's arm. With The Rock's endorsement, will the haters suddenly embrace Cena? That would be WWE's hope. But it's probably not going to happen." Winner: Cena

Alex Greenfield (@alexdgreenfield, Former Smackdown lead writer): "I'm hoping Rock goes over and an angry Cena goes heel the next night. [But] I'm expecting Cena winning with a respect handshake after the finish." Winner: Cena

Wade Keller (@thewadekeller, PWTorch founder and editor): "This is a tough one for me to pick because you can make a convincing argument against either doing the job. Rock is in Miami, and if he does the job in Miami - no matter what the circumstances - there is a chance for a huge backlash against Cena, a star WWE will be relying on more than anyone after Rock, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, and Undertaker disappear from weekly TV. But then again, the same reasons apply to not having Cena lose. I've even had people suggest they go to a 60 minute draw to avoid this conundrum. I'm not sure Rock is up for that, though (or Cena, for that matter). So I tepidly, without an ounce of confidence, lean toward picking Cena to win in an artfully crafted way (with help from Rock's mentor and friend, Pat Patterson) that puts Rock in a position to respectfully raise Cena's arm in the end out of a sign of respect for putting up a hell of a fight." Winner: Cena

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