Honky Tonk Man Talks His WWF Run, Not Dropping The Title To Savage, Heat With Eric Bischoff & More

I was kind of ambushed on the Randy thing. I was at a point in my life where things were going so good and we were doing so well, Randy and I, selling out every arena -- I just couldn't understand why you would just want to destroy this whole thing. Then, make him the Intercontinental champion (again) which probably would not have helped him very much at all. Him chasing me was what was selling tickets. If there were no return matches for me even in the mix -- it was like that old TV show, The Six Million Dollar Man 'We can rebuild him.' No. You can't rebuild something you've destroyed.

That was my old timer's thinking. Now, they bring these kids in and one day they got one name and the next day, they've got another. One day they've got blond hair, the next day, they've got brown hair.

WrestlingINC: At the same time, they don't really make stars like they used to.

Honky Tonk Man: No. I mean, they're ain't no stars anymore. You're right. That's a very good point. Ain't no stars anymore. People always me what's wrong with the company. I say, 'Well, when you have to have Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole as your semi-main events or your biggest angles on WrestleMania last year. Then you got to bring The Rock back and 'Stone Cold' (Steve Austin) back, you obviously have no stars on your roster.'

I mean, if you look at it logically; why'd they have to bring these guys back? You have no one there that's worth a damn.

WrestlingINC: We were watching this year's Royal Rumble and it was just very apparent how few stars there were. No one in the match really had a chance to win other then two guys.

Honky Tonk Man: Well, it's a situation where the young fellows are taken down to Florida. They keep them two or three years and put them in a training camp. But, going to training camp three or four days a week -- you don't learn your craft that way. You don't learn to be a truck driver by going to truck driver's school. You've got to be out there on the highway. [Laughs.]

But, anyway. It's their business, not mine. I got my own thing to do. I'm an independent and I'm very happy doing what I do. I travel everywhere. Sorry I was a little late answering your call for the Monday show. But the time changed and I got home late last night and I'm not an early riser until Wednesday when I got to leave for Winnipeg on a 7 AM flight. I'll be up in Winnipeg for the next four or five days. I was just up in Northern Minnesota and Wisconsin for four or five days.

I stay busy doing what I do and I really enjoy professional wrestling now more than ever because it's fun for me. I get to hang around with young kids and interact with young guys. A lot fo the young guys are very eager to listen and to learn. I don't try to teach them, but I give them a little advice here or there and that's about it.

WrestlingINC: After you dropped the title to Ultimate Warrior, they kind of dropped you down the card a bit. They put you into a tag team with Greg Valentine and everything. It looked like you were going to move to the announcers booth before you ended up leaving. What happened there towards the end of your first run in WWF?

Honky Tonk Man: As you said; once you drop the title, you drop down the card. They brought Jimmy back and Jimmy had left Vince on bad terms a year before. So, Jimmy was brought back and it was a big hoopla and a big build up and my job was to then make Jimmy look good and get Jimmy Snuka over again. Ultimately, he went on to wrestle Curt Hennig -- who then, every night, was defeating Jimmy because they were building Curt Hennig. So, Jimmy was just a pawn in the game as I was and we both knew it.

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