WWE Classics On Demand places the spotlight on Hulk Hogan throughout the month of April as he is this month's featured WWE Hall of Famer. WWE has released the following video preview of their Hall of Fame piece on The Hulkster.

Hogan's matches being shown include battles with Tony Atlas (WWF Championship Wrestling - February 3, 1981), Randy "Macho Man" Savage (Boston Garden - June 27, 1986), "Big Bad" Bobby Duncam (AWA All Star Wrestling - January 17, 1982) and Kamala (WCW Main Event - August 6, 1995).

This week's programming update for WWE Classics On Demand is as follows: Starrcade (1984), The Hart Foundation, Legends of Wrestling - Worst Characters, Tuesday Night Titans (April 19, 1985), Wrestlerock (1986), Maple Leaf Gardens (April 21, 1985), WCW Monday Nitro (August 31, 1998), WWF Raw Is War (September 5, 1998), WCW Worldwide 1993 (April 3, 1993).

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